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Could Online Sports Gambling Be the Gateway to the US Market for Online Casinos?

With the exception of three states (Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey), It has been near impossible for the online casino industry to make headway into the US market. Land-based Indian casinos, Atlantic City and Vegas have always maintained a tight grip on casino gambling throughout the country. In recent years, gamblers have made it clear they want access to what the world already has access to, online casino gambling.

It took decades for land-based casino gambling to become a generally accepted part of society. Slowly but surely, the negative stigmatism associated with gambling in the states has eroded. With the federal government agreeing to not interfere, a majority of the states now have legalized horse racing, lotteries and land-based Indian casino gambling. In the process, a strange thing happened. The country didn’t succumb to immorality.

The Art of Finding Free Spins

Free spins can be tricky. You wont find them under your bed or behind you shower curtain. You won’t always find them with a quick Google search. You also may think you’ve found them, only to quickly realize they are outdated, expired, and useless.

The hunt is on and the deals are out there – if you know where to look…

Use Third-Party Bonus Sites

There are plenty of third-party bonus sites that list offers and deals for free spins at no cost to you. These websites typically get paid for each person they send to the casinos they feature. Some of these third-party sites even feature deals that are exclusive to people who use their site.

Think of these deal reviews sites as the monthly catalogue you get each week that give you coupons and features sales to your local grocery store. By using the deals offered by these sites you can end up saving big on all of your online games.

Capture the Action


Interview with Richard Taylor, President of Niagara Casinos. By: Bill Healey

Standing tall above the internationally renowned Niagara Falls is Fallsview Casino Resort, Ontario’s gaming gem at the Canadian - US border. Considered the eighth wonder of the world, the Falls are an attraction I’ve visited a dozen times or more, with Fallsview Casino a regular stop each time I’m in the area. In recent weeks I have been able to chat with Richard Taylor, president of Niagara Casinos.

Could you give us a bit of a background on your role with Fallsview, and what the responsibilities entail?

I currently serve as the is president of Niagara Casinos, which includes Fallsview Casino Resort and Casino Niagara in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. I began in this role in January 2017.

Gaming in 2018: Assessing the Latest Trends in Live Casino


When it comes to live casino, it’s fair to say that some players are solely interested in the welcome bonus offers available to them. However, dig a little deeper and you’ll find that there is far more to the online live casino experience than just the tempting initial offers. Companies like Playtech may decide to enact seasonal games and themes to show that they are able to react to current trends and themes for those who don’t play regularly but may be tempted by stand-out offers, but these same companies have decided it is just as prudent to make sure individuals can play online 24/7, 365 days per year

This availability has been boosted by the sheer increase in game range, helped by the ingenuity of game developers and promoted by operators keen to make sure players aren’t stuck playing the same games with the same old themes day in, day out.

A World of Innovation

Handling solutions

Aristidis Tsikouras, Managing Director, GeWeTe speaks to Rebecca Green

What has been the reaction of Casino & Gaming operators to GeWeTe cash handling solutions at G2E Las Vegas 2017?

Caesars Entertainment Provides You Everything


Interview by Bill Healey and Peter White with Eileen Moore, Regional President at Caesars Entertainment

We’re catching up in this issue with one of the rock-stars of the Las Vegas casino gaming industry. Spending her career in hospitality, Eileen Moore quickly built on her experiences in marketing and technology to rise within the industry. She is now a Regional President at Caesars Entertainment Corporation.

Zytronic Providing Technology that Captivates

Ian Crosby, Sales and Marketing Director, ZYTRONIC, Chats to Glyn Thomas

Could you commence this interview with a brief history of the company from when it was launched to present day?

The Top 5 Net Entertainment Slots Reviewed

When you mention of online slots, Net Entertainment is often the first provider that springs to mind. The award winning Swedish studio has been around for over a decade and during this time they have produced some of the best video slots that have ever reached your computer or smartphone screen. Offering a wide variety of themes and features, NetEnt Slots occupy top positions at most online casinos. Today we’ll be reviewing the most successful and rewarding games developed by the Swedish company and we’ll stop at five, leaving it to you to further explore the company’s impressive portfolio.

Mega Fortune

Back to the Future: How the Past is Becoming the Present for Casinos


When it comes to revolutions in the world of gaming, the name Space Invaders plays a pretty significant role. Indeed, the game itself not only heralded the start of the world of computer gaming truly coming to the masses and becoming a huge part of the 1980s culture of arcade gaming and the arcade halls that sprung up, but hasalso  had a lasting impact on gaming culture as a whole. The original games which, in the 1970s, caused the Bank of Japan to triple its production of 100-yen pieces in order to keep up with demand for fueling the machines, are, in fact, still heralded as some of the best and most enduring examples of ‘fun’ gaming.

"Space Invaders" by Logan Ingalls (CC BY 2.0)

Holland Casinos Gaming Momentum


Damien Connelly and Peter White interview Erwin van Lambaart, CEO Holland Casino

Thank you for sharing your time with Casino Life Mr. van Lambaart. Your career has focused on hospitality and entertainment. Please tell us a little about yourself so we have a better understanding of you, your experience, and how that brought you to Holland Casino.