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The Life of the Party Casino Madeira


Carlos Campos, General Manager, Casino da Madeira chats to Glyn Thomas

Casino da Madeira is in a superb location on the Island of Madeira as it’s only 5 minutes from the center of Funchal, and 23 km from the airport, which works out at about 25 minutes by car.

All the Casinos you have worked at will have had their unique special qualities but Casino da Madeira must be the most impressive. What would you say are some of the unique aspects about Casino da Madeira?

Casino da Madeira is part of a complex founded on an original idea by the renowned Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer and executed by the illustrious architect of the Escola do Porto, Alfredo Viana de Lima. The building, which includes the Casino, the Pestana Casino Park Hotel and the Congress Center, is very impressive and was acquired by Pestana Hotel Group in 1985.

Dealing with Addiction


Liz Karter, Leading UK Gambling Therapist chats to Peter White

To commence this interview could we start with a brief history of your life to date and how it brought you to where you are today an expert on compulsive gamblers involving how they become addicted to recovery treatment.

Seamless Gaming Integration at DR Gaming Technology



Jurgen De Munck, the CEO of DR Gaming Technology™ talks to Casino Life 

DR Gaming Technology™ (DRGT™) seems to be exhibiting at more shows this year than ever; how has the reception been from visitors so far?

Thanks Glyn, that is a nice compliment, and I say that because we are actually attending the same number of shows we did last year.

What I think has created the impression that we are indeed exhibiting at more shows than ever before is the fact that we are seeing a genuine upswing in the interest in our products and technology from both a media and operator point of view, which is extremely encouraging.

JOA Express



JOA Casino is setting itself apart from the rest with leading-edge technological innovations. Peter White chats to Dylan Peyras, Director of JOA Casino in La Seyne-sur-Mer

One of the largest casino operators in France, JOA owns 22 casinos which deploy a combined gaming firepower of 2,841 slot machines and 132 table games. It is catching the new wave of interactive gaming with branded ’21’ offer JOA Express, which combines a traditional casino game with virtual reality, bringing blackjack into the 21 century. If you are a newcomer to 21, it will provide a technologically enhanced hook, while the jaded fan may thrill to this new twist on an old favorite.

A Very Big Deal


David McKee chats to the organizers of the Triton Super High Roller Series and Triton London Millions

Thank you for your time as I can appreciate you must be extremely busy in lead up to the event Triton Super High Roller Series and The Triton London Millions at the end of this month.

What is the history behind the Triton Super High Roller Series and Triton London Millions?

The Triton Super High Roller Series was first launched in 2016 with the aim of creating a premier poker tour that would appeal to the most affluent and accomplished masters of the game – as well as donating sizeable contributions to charity. The Series was founded by Malaysian businessman and philanthropist Richard Yong whose vision was to host exclusive high-stakes tournaments in some of the most luxurious locations in the world as well as give a helping hand to charity.

Best-in-class venue for entertainment



Richard Noble, Chief Operating Officer at Aspers Group Limited, chats to Damien Connelly

Thank you for sharing your time and experience with us, Richard. Aspers Group can trace its roots to the creation of legal casinos in the UK in the early 1960s. How is the company performing today?

Where Innovation Meets Ingenuity G-Digital



Ljubo Benko, Managing Director of G-Digital chats to Glyn Thomas

When did you commence your career in the Casino industry and what were your reasons for choosing this sector?

I started to work in the Casino Industry in 1991 after having spent five years as a development engineer in electronics. I was young and curious; it was a challenge for me. As I am from Slovenia you might have guessed that I also worked for the HIT Group where I worked myself up to director level with a range of responsibilities.

Why and when did you create G-Digital?

JWM Hotel & Casino Sihanoukville Cambodia


Andrew Black CEO JWM Hotel and Casino chats to Bill Healey

Bringing a new dynamic to one of Asia’s quickest growing casino markets is the JWM Hotel & Casino, anchored 1 km off the southern coast of Cambodia.

Driving through the city of Sihanoukville today, you would notice almost all of the development is related to inbound Chinese casino tourism. For the most part, all of the current casinos cater to Chinese tourists, while all new construction is also aimed at the same guest segment. There are regularly scheduled flights from China directly into the small Sihanoukville international airport bringing the players in.

What makes JWM unique is that its on a former cruise ship anchored offshore, which creates a whole new set of needs other casinos don’t have. Though currently open on the cruise ship, JWM is building their larger land-based hotel & casino.

Game Protection by Provided Richard Marcus



Richard Marcus, Casino Table Game Protection Consultant and Trainer, chats to Peter White

Set a thief to catch a thief,” runs the old adage and casinos looking to protect the integrity of their table games turn to former casino cheat Richard Marcus, now a thoroughly respectable game-security specialist. Marcus got his start as a dealer, performing false baccarat shuffles in Las Vegas over 40 years ago, back when game protection was far removed from its current sophistication, although he is skeptical of some of the purported technical improvements, such as biometric recognition.