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G2E Asia Macau 2019



Josephine Lee Chief Operating Officer, Reed Exhibitions, Greater China Interview with Robert Ambrose

G2E Asia is now in its 13th year how has the exhibition and conference programme evolved over those years?

G2E Asia’s now- reputation and influence is the result of over a decade of hard work and dedication of its (show) teams, together with our media partners and strong industry-widesupport. We are proud to say that G2E Asia is now the largest event of its kind in Asia. With each passing edition, it has grown into a hub for local and global gaming-entertainment industry professionals. It is a trusted source for the most cutting-edge products and technologies in the field, and the must-attend event for conducting business and networking, while staying up-to-date on the latest trends, policies, and market intelligence.

The UK Dealer Championships


Tracy Damestani, National Casino Forum says...This year saw the UK Dealer Championship hosted in Genting International Casino, Resorts World Birmingham, a wonderful venue that set the stage for what was to be an enthralling day of competition. 26 Competitors from land-based Casinos around the country put their dexterity, hospitality and mental agility to the test to see who would take home the £2000 Cash Prize, sponsored by gaming technology company Novomatic.

The winner will also represent the UK in the European Dealer Championship, 29th April – 1st May, in Tallinn, along with the First Runner-Up, who takes the £1000 Cash Prize, Sponsored by Clarion Events. It was great to see such high standards of competition that was only matched by the spirit and camaraderie shown throughout the day by all Competitors and Judges.

Quality Never Goes Out Of Style



Ian Gosling, COO at Regency Entertainment Operators of Regency Casino Mont Parnes and Regency Casino Thessaloniki, talks to Peter White and Damien Connelly

The Hellinikon Integrated Resort Casino (IRC) will be built over more than 600,000 square meters of the former Airport, and include a mix of hotels, convention and exhibition facilities, themed attractions, entertainment, a 15,000 sq.m. casino, shops, gourmet restaurants, and other tourist attractions.

What is Regency Entertainment view on the bidding process for the Casino Licence?

Epic Edge for Casino Operations


Tracey, first I want to thank you for taking the time to speak with me. As you know, Casino Life Magazine takes great pride in interviewing leading industry CEOs and Senior Level Management members to better understand both the companies that they work for or own, as well as what the key attributes are for their success. Please tell our readers about yourself and your role at TransAct.

Utilizing Executive Search Services Most Effectively

Strategies for success for both employers and candidates. Marie J. Maher Ph.D.

As a top global Executive Recruiter, I deal with companies all over the world finding them outstanding talent. We fill jobs for employers globally. Sometimes, they share with me that they have not had success in the past using executive search services. In the same way, executive candidates often tell me they have been disappointed previously with representation by an executive recruiter. In this column I’d like to share how you can make the maximum use of an Executive Search professional and have a successful and rewarding result – if you are an employer or a candidate.

Employer Pointers

Green Machine


Las Vegas entrepreneur Rosalie Bingham chats to David McKee

Rosalie Bingham is a woman on a mission. The Las Vegas entrepreneur has seen a problem — casino waste — and wants to turn it into an opportunity: clean power. The engine for this transformation would be something she calls “the Green Machine.” Technically, what it is in an anaerobic-digestion system. The concept of anaerobic digestion is hardly new. It is defined as “a collection of processes by which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen.” The Assyrians of tenth century B.C. used biogas to warm up their bathwater. The first “green machine” was built by British colonials in Bombay, in 1859. Perhaps distrusting the safety of the machine, they built it on the grounds of a leper colony.

Zytronic Sensing Capability



Ian Crosby, Sales and Marketing Director, Zytronic, talks to Glyn Thomas

When was the company founded and how did Zytronic end up in the Casino Industry?

SUZOHAPP Truly Global


Goran Sovilj Executive Vice President Gaming & Amusement EMEA at SUZOHAPP Interview by Glyn Thomas

How was 2018 for SUZOHAPP and what are your expectations for 2019?

Gaming revenues on the whole were up for most operators throughout the world that gave 2018 a positive note. This could be seen at the major exhibitions such as ICE and G2E Las Vegas where attendance numbers were up and there was much more of a buzz to the shows when compared to previous years. As the global gaming industry’s leading supplier of components and solutions for OEMs and operators, we have benefited from this uplift. Another major reason for success is our dedicated product line that continues to grow – both our SUZOHAPP range and the distribution products / brands we offer.

Premier Entertainment at Tiger Palace Resort


Brett Model, General Manager, Tiger Palace Resort, Bhairahawa, Nepal, chats to Bill Healey

Surrounded by the awe-inspiring scenery of the Himalayan foothills, and with a grand vision to match, Nepal’s Tiger Palace Resort is set to transform the region’s gaming and entertainment landscape. With an impressive start earlier this year (2018), the resort destination is reaching new levels, unmatched within South Asia. We have been fortunate to catch-up with Mr. Brett Model, General Manager, Tiger Palace Resort.

Tell us a bit about the vision for Tiger Palace Resort. It’s much more than a standard South Asian casino.

The term “Best of the Best” must apply to The Ritz Club in London


Roger Marris, Chief Executive, of The Ritz Club shares his thoughts with Casino Life Magazine. By Steve Karoul