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Wagering Your Way To Winnings With Sports Betting And Mobile Bingo Apps

We’ve all had those moments playing in a casino where we wagered a lot of money and lost, and then you wonder whether or not you’ll ever beat the house. It’s tough and there is always a lot on the line. With online gambling, it can be difficult to beat the casino and make more money but there are other options out there for online gambling that could prove to be more beneficial for you.

Two of those methods are sports betting and mobile bingo apps. While a lot of skill and chance is also involved when playing using these methods, they can often increase the chances of you winning money compared to playing in an online casino.

Mobile Bingo Apps

Bingo is one of the most popular gambling games in history. People have enjoyed bingo for decades and it’s more than just a gambling activity, for many people, it’s a great past time to engage in.

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Aristidis Tsikouras, Managing Director GeWeTe talks to Glyn Thomas

With the half way mark nearing for 2017 what have been the highlights for you so far this year and what excites you most about the second half of the year?

Konami Changes the Game by Introducing Skill-Based Gambling to a Luck-Driven Industry

Who could have predicted that Frogger, the franchise that debuted in arcades across America over 35 years ago, would be the catalyst for much debate of change in the gambling industry? After Konami released Frogger: Get Hoppin' on Feb. 18 in MGM Grand's LEVEL UP entertainment lounge, they immediately held a two-day tournament to mark the occasion, attracting hundreds of players according to a report on prnewswire.com

Legalisation of Online Casinos in Pennsylvania Hits Another Roadblock

Hopes that Pennsylvania was about to join New Jersey in legalising online casinos have hit another setback, albeit a temporary one, as lawmakers have been unable to reach agreement on the shape of the legislation and, crucially, the taxation rules that would accompany it.

This is not the first time that the state has seemed on the cusp of legalising online gambling, only to grind to a halt at the eleventh hour, and many commentators are confident that talks will resume and we will at long last get across the line. As things currently stand, lawmakers are on call, which means discussions could be reconvened at any moment. Alternatively, of course, the question might remain in abeyance till later in the year.

The New Jersey model

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Peter White chats to Stuart Armstrong, Founder and Director at SlotGuru

SlotGuru is a new and unique service that provides key information on casino slot games directly to a players’ mobile phone. Can you explain to readers what it does and how it works?

Simply put, SlotGuru is a mobile app that gives slot players key information on a slot game before they commit money to playing it. Most importantly, it lets a player know the volatility of a game, so they can easily assess if the game is suitable for their personal preferences.

The app also has a range of educational resources & social media tools to help players understand slots better and help them work out the best type of games to suit their playing style.

Is there any skill at winning on slots or is it just luck?

The everlasting question for slots lovers. Is there a certain strategy for playing online slots to give you more chances of winning or is it just simple luck that decides it’s a winning day? We can tell you right now that luck is the biggest help you need but there are some tips which can definitely give you an advantage.

Slots payout percentage

First we will explain something about the payout percentage of a video slot. Every slot has a payout percentage which shows how much a slot pays to the player. A payout percentage of 96% means that for every 100 euro bet you will win 96 euro. The other 4 euro will go to the casino. This percentage is over a range of many spins, from 800.000 to So every time you bet 100 euro it doesn't mean that you win 96 euro.

Casino and Sports betting – Making the right gambling choice

Are you looking for the best tips and gambling advice based on Casino and sports betting?  Are you confused between the choice of choosing between Casino and sports betting? Although most online betting sites now offer both casino and sport betting like 10bet Casino and 10bet sports, it is important to make the right gambling choice. This article will guide your choice of gambling depending on your skills.

Today we will like to indulge you on this hotly debated topic between our dearly esteemed customers – customers confused on the right gambling choice between sports betting and Casino. In this article we will explain the importance of both, their techniques and then you can make your choice.

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FRANCISCO VIDAL COO Director of Operations at the Sortis & Golden Lion Casinos  chats to Bill Healey

We are fortunate to catch-up with Mr. Francisco Vidal, COO - Director of Operations at the Sortis & Golden Lion Casinos, located in tropical Panama.  Bill Healey chats with Mr. Vidal about their three casinos located in the nation’s historic, cosmopolitan capital, Panama City.

What are your responsibilities as COO - Director of Operations at Sortis & Golden Lion Casinos? 

Don’t go Prospecting for Gold in the Land of Gold. By Carl Sampson

Don’t go Prospecting for Gold in the Land of Gold. By Carl Sampson

There tends to be an oasis in many deserts and Las Vegas is certainly an “oasis” within the Nevada desert for sure. Millions of tourists go there every year but the overwhelming majority sure aren’t going for the scenery. The temperature in Las Vegas, depending on the time of year, can be oppressive and downright uncomfortable. Perfect then for getting people off the streets and into the casinos.

Casumo Casino Review

One of the first things you see when you hit the homepage of Casumo Casino is their claim that they are an amazing casino. While no casino would put something like 'we're actually not a very good casino' on their homepage, this is a bold claim. But with an attractive design, plenty of strong bonus offers, and a great selection of online casino games, it's hard to argue that Casumo Casino is anything but an amazing casino.

Founded in 2012, Casumo Casino has made a number of claims of similar boldness, including that they were designed to make people smile and that they exist to erase boredom. While those claims can't be defended quantitatively, they must be true to some degree if Casumo Casino continues to build a positive reputation.