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Japanese Love for Online Gaming

Online casinos in Japan are absolutely loved by the citizens because they’re easier to access and, therefore, they have been growing in the country especially during the Covid-19 isolation time. There’s no way to know how many time the world will be dealing with this virus but the truth is that the love for online gaming by the Japanese people has been persistent.

When Can Players Realistically Expect Virtual Reality to be Ubiquitous at Online Casinos?

It has been four years now since virtual reality was supposedly set to take over the world and transform gaming as we know it, but up to now, the revolutionary platform has failed to make waves in the mainstream. Online casinos are renowned for jumping on new technology and using it to enhance the gambling experience, so it is reasonable to anticipate that VR will permeate the gambling industry at some point. The question is, when will this happen? When can gamers expect VR to become ubiquitous at online casinos?

Unpopular Online Casino Tips No One Tells Beginners

Online casinos are more popular than ever. Everywhere you look today, you will come across ads, suggestions, and ideas that glorify casino games. It is for a good reason, though.

First-time gamblers are finding out, the easy way, that there is a lot of fun to be had online. Better still, there is always money to be won. However, there are caveats that few will point out outright.

This post is about those ideas that you need to know even before you sign up for a casino account. Without further ado, let us debunk them one at a time.

Simon Thomas Chairman Hippodrome Guest Comment Casino Life September 2020

The irony of closing the Hippodrome, very nearly re-opening and then finally welcoming customers through the door, is that it might have done us the power of good. In the longer term.

Most certainly it’s going to be tough while people slowly re-remerge from their bunkers and visit places other than their local supermarket and the nearby pub.

But lockdown has taught The Hippodrome a great deal.

Brigid Simmonds BGC Chairman Guest Comment Casino Life September 2020

2020 is a year which will be remembered forever. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live our lives in ways which would have been unimaginable 12 months ago.

In the same way, it has proven enormously challenging for the betting and gaming industry. Like the rest of the country, the UK’s casinos and betting shops closed their doors in March as part of the national effort to slow the spread of the virus.

Online Gambling in Arab Countries Thriving Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Financial uncertainties post coronavirus pandemic has left the world crumbling on the dead end. It is supposed to leave lingering economic scars that may take quite long to heal.

However, despite the economic fallout and associated stresses in financial and commodity markets, online gambling is booming and the popularity of online casino portals such as Rehanarabi.com is growing. It seems to be the one outlet that shall successfully pass through the worst times in the pandemic with less financial damage.