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Online casinos are using an understanding of their audience to drive the industry forward by attracting younger players

Understanding customers is essential to an operator’s growth in any industry. For online casinos, this understanding has enabled providers to appreciate the value of attracting younger players.

These players will take the industry forward as they play in future decades, so their engagement is vital. Increases in this engagement are already apparent. For example, in 2020, most online casino players in the US were aged 45-54. Now, research suggests that as many as 44% of US online casino players are aged 18-24.

The Popularity of Telegram Pokies in Australia + Top 5 Telegram Pokies

Lately, there has been a surge in the appeal of online gambling, with punters drawn by the convenience of digital wagering platforms. In Australia, gamers are choosing to play Telegram pokies, which combine the convenience of the Telegram messaging app with slot machine gaming.

These new platforms enable users to enjoy playing their preferred pokies seamlessly through the messaging application. This combination of gambling and messaging makes for an unbeatable pokie experience.

The role of humans in AI-driven businesses

From Autopilot to Co-Pilot. By Raymond Chan

Think of AI as a supersmart  helper that can do amazing things for your business. It can handle tasks quickly, learn from data and even make some decisions. But just like a train needs a driver, AI needs people to set the tracks. When we build tools that let us control AI, we can use it to make our businesses stronger and ready for anything.