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Responsible Gambling

One year from the launch of Playing Safe how has it been received by the Casino industry?

Playing Safe has been very well received and we expect the level of acceptance to continue to increase as operators see that it adds differential value to casino operations.  The industry owns Playing Safe.

The attendees were a veritable who’s who of the British Gaming Industry. You must be delighted with the support that NCF has gained from the independent and major Casino operators.

We were delighted.  The industry has put an enormous amount of effort into Playing Safe and being able to tell such an esteemed audience about it was very rewarding.  It also demonstrated to operators that their faith and commitment to Playing Safe is being recognised and acknowledged.

Your welcome speech set the tone for the rest of the evening and the follow on speech from Philip Graf.

Roulette at Paddy Power Online Casino




Online gambling is supplied with a number of games including all types of casino games. However, among all the casino games, roulette is one of the most sought after casino game. Paddy Power is one of the most stylish and exciting online casinos to play Roulette since 2009.In fact, it is a leading online gaming platform in Ireland.

Since its establishment, Paddy Power has continued to deliver remarkable products with its online casino. It offers virtual slot machines, poker, bingo, live casino games, sports betting, and much more. The customers at Paddy Power represent diverse nationalities from Ireland and even UK.

Software and Gaming

Experience & Diversity

On 30 September 2014, the Company will delist from the Vienna Stock Exchange, and will be listed only on NASDAQ from then on. Does this signal a shift in focus by the Company towards North American projects?

We look for opportunities in any regulated market world-wide. With our existing portfolio of 30 casino resorts in Europe, Canada, USA, Caribbean and on luxury cruise vessels, we have an international management team in place that is experienced and flexible to undertake projects of various sizes and in full or part ownership capacity as well as under management contracts.

Global Research Helps Develop IGT Games

Sabby Gill joined IGT in August 2011 as the Regional Vice President, EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa).  In September 2012, he took on the additional responsibility of managing sales for South Latin America and the Caribbean (SOLAC) and subsequently was asked to take on the role of Senior Vice President (SVP) International Sales in September 2013.  Gill is responsible for providing overall sales leadership with the sole objective of exceeding overall International revenue targets and executing effectively against the growth strategies and focus target markets.

Gamblit Gaming

Eric Meyerhofer, CEO Gamblit Gaming chats to Peter White

For those of our readers not familiar with this company please could we commence this interview with an introduction to Gamblit Gaming?

Gamblit Gaming offers products which converge entertainment games (i.e. video games) with a wagering system to provide a revolutionary new gaming product to address the younger legal wagering age demographic now frequenting casinos.  Gamblit supplies and operates both online and land based forms of the product.

What You Need to Know about Online Casinos

What You Need to Know about Online Casinos 

Online casinos are ridiculously popular and the number of potential venues is staggering – well over a thousand the last time we checked. There are some definite benefits to having this level of competition. For one thing, it forces casino owners to offer attractive bonuses and promotions in order to get your attention. The downside of having so many options is it makes choosing a casino a bit daunting.

The Online Casinos You Want to Avoid

The CIO’s role in managing Global multi-billion dollar integrated casino resorts

How do you describe the role of CIO in gaming organizations.      

The role of CIO is no different from any other Business executive, it is  24 x7, it does not matter where you are physically , whether you are in Vegas, Macau or in Timbuktu ,on the premise or off the premise, the same goals as the CEO , namely driving the top line, improving the bottom line,  optimization of slots/tables , managing  customer experience, Leveraging the technology towards creating business value, ensuring 24 x 7 operations & customer service,  and strategic collaboration with all the stakeholders .

Reach for the Stars

Earlier this year Interblock launched the G5 Diamond Series, can you explain to our readers about these new EGM’s as well as the reaction by Casino operators when they see them in operation on your booth at exhibitions.

"Staying in focus"

“Focus” is a word you’ll hear often in conversation with Pinnacle Entertainment CEO Anthony Sanfilippo. It’s his mantra for the company and it’s his operating philosophy. How many companies of Pinnacle’s stature would simply walk away from the application process for a New York State casino because it disrupted the focus of their integration of Ameristar Casinos into Pinnacle?

“We knew we would be, as it turned out, one of 22 companies putting in for four licenses,” Sanfilippo says. “We felt the distraction of going after a license was [less] important to focus on than the integration of Ameristar and Pinnacle Entertainment … there was not a better and higher use of our time than to focus on system integration, people integration and really get the value out of two companies of the same size coming together.”

Partnering in Education

How is the first year of the courses proceeding?

We have accomplished a great deal in one year. I consider myself very fortunate to be part of this program at Drexel and working with an outstanding academic team.  Being in a position where you can both initiate and facilitate positive educational change is rewarding.

My goal for several years has been to establish myself academically in a university setting such as Drexel and instruct gaming and hospitality.