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Is Staying in the EU the Best Option for Online Casinos?

The UK referendum that will decide whether we stay in the European Union is coming June 23rd, and it appears one industry that wants us to stay is the gaming industry. In the world of free casino games, it appears staying in Europe is the key to their success.

There are many people that think we’d be better off without Europe, that the assumed control that they have over our laws has to stop. These people want Britain to be “great again”, and say that although times may be hard when we first leave, we’ll end up more of a success than ever.

It’s probably this unknown nature of leaving the EU that has the online gaming industry worried, that and the change in laws that is likely to come. With the benefits of Europe removed, if people are more protective over how they spend their money, online gaming could take a hit, which is not a good sign of things to come.

It seems that all the time we are given scare stories about what will happen if we leave Europe, and some of them may be true. What we need, and what business also needs are some real facts. What laws will change if we leave Europe? How will the economy be hit? The more scare stories we are given the harder it is to make a decision, and that is not good for anybody.

Whether you support “Brexit” or you would rather stick with the status quo it is interesting to see which businesses raise their flags, and for which side. With online gaming sites seeming to look to the stability of staying in Europe, this may be our best bet. The fact that there is a chance we could leave the EU though is an interesting and mysterious thought, but one that many don’t want to really think about.

So which side of the line do you find yourself on? Is it Brexit or is it the safety of staying in the EU? We’ll have to see if we agree with the online gaming sites and vote to stay.