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21st Century Casino Destination Resorts

Are today’s casinos doing what is best for the customer?  Victor H. Royer

Perhaps the bigger question should be: Do casino executives actually know what happens to customers in their casinos, and resorts?

Two simple questions, or so it seems. But without simple answers.

So – what would be the simplest answer?

The fact is that casinos sometimes do the best for their customers – but not always – and not very consistently. And yes, casino executives do mostly know what happens, but usually not everything and not all the time.

Online gambling in Australia

Gambling in all its forms has long been a pastime enjoyed by significant numbers of Australians. Whether it’s horse racing, sports betting or casinos, the sums wagered in Australia annually are thought to be in the region of AUD$18 billion (USD$12.87 billion), which is about AUD$1500 (USD$ 1073) for every man, woman and child in the country. Around 70% of all Australians are estimated to take part in a form of wagering activity every year.

By far the most popular form of wagering in Australia is slot machines, or pokies as they are called locally (derived from ‘poker machines’). These first arrived illegally in the country not long after their first appearance in the US in the 1890s, although it wasn't until 1956 that they became legal when they were sanctioned in New South Wales.

A Call for Evidence Based Policy

Luc Delany, International Social Games Association CEO, responds to Peter Naessens’ article published in the May issue of Casino Life

In the May 2015 issue of Casino Life (pages 32-33), Peter Naessens of the Belgian Gaming Commission raised the subject of underage social gam(bl)ing, citing the case of a 15 year old boy who lost more than €20,000. What follows is the response from the ISGA’s Luc Delany.
Let’s take stock 

Using Mobile Casinos only for fun and not playing with real money

The inherent problem with casinos in general is the fact that there will always be a “dark” 

How does this negative energy come about though? Is there any way a casino could exist without the stereotypical out look people are likely to have on it (the ones that don’t partake in its activities at least) and manage to avoid being branded as a “bad” place when one too many irresponsible punters find themselves deep in the clutches of debt and personal misery? Well, actually, there is…sort of.


Peter Naessens, Director Belgian Gaming Commission 


Social gam(bl)ing is a phenomenon that reached us from America. The case in which a 15 year old boy lost more than 20,000 euro shook public opinion, but, as the Belgian gambling regulator, we had already suggested to reinforce the supervision on social gambling games two years earlier. Because a political agreement could not be reached then, the full responsibility was placed on parents.

GameOn the Game Begins

Alexander Dobrov CEO Betting Business Russia Interviews Glyn Thomas Event Director GameOn Ukraine

The Ukrainian government intends to legalize gambling and, as claimed leadership of the country, looking for that the most civilized way. To help solve this problem an international conference designed to GameON, which will be held in Kyiv on 13-14 October. What are the objectives set itself the organizer of the Event - British publisher Ace Publishing Ltd and whether they are feasible in the current economic and political situation, Betting Business Russia said the director of the event Glyn Thomas. 

What is the main task is to solve the organizer of the conference? 

New Life Coming To Casino Floor

Jack Bulavsky chats to Marcus Prater, Executive Director of the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers

‘The Ultimate Entertainment Development’

Thomas “Tom” Arasi, President, COO & Board Director Solaire Resort & Casino chats to Peter White and Damien Connelly.

You have held noteworthy positions at several companies during your career. Please tell us a little about yourself and how your experience has brought you to Solaire Resort & Casino.

Preserved to Impress

Chris Sanson talks to Zackary Milardo President of Preserved Interiors

It’s been almost exactly a year since we were in conversation, how has the year been for you and Preserved Interiors?

Since we had been awarded the tender for Solaire, this past year has been quite busy for us with several new current and upcoming projects

Winning the supply contract for the Solaire Resort Hotel and Leisure Casino must have been very satisfying, for you and those in your team?


The Macau government is  promising to issue even more supportive policies for the cities economy in the coming months.

In spite of the recent China stock market turmoil and coupled with the fact that a recent report had shown that gamblers themselves were spending around a third less at the casino tables than they were this time last year some Macau casino operators are basking in the fact that their stock prices have risen at least 20% in July.