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Core Values Drive Scientific Games

Gavin Isaacs, President and CEO at Scientific Games Corporation, is on the road more than he is in his office. Jack Bulavsky, Special Assignment Correspondent for Casino Life in Las Vegas, was fortunate to sit with him before Isaacs began his monthly travels.

How much do you travel?

I’m in Las Vegas at least one full week every month and also a few days every other week. Otherwise, I’m traveling around the world. I get to Australia once a year and have spent about 10 percent of my time in the past 12 months in Europe. I’ve never traveled this much and sometimes I stop and think, “Where am I?” I’m hoping the travel settles down.

Are your Players Very Important?

Damien Connelly met with Max Lindenberg at NOVOMATIC Group headquarters in Austria

Are your Players Very Important?

Every single casino I have visited recently is making space for one machine: the NOVOSTAR V.I.P. slant top. In all my travels to visit and tour casinos, this is the first time I’ve witnessed every casino wanting to place the same machine on their floors.

NOVOMATIC has designed a real winner; one that generates over double the handle as the machines it replaces, according to Max Lindenberg, Director of Marketing for Austrian Gaming Industries. What’s even more intriguing, V.I.P. was created by the founder and majority shareholder of NOVOMATIC, Professor Johann F. Graf, himself, showing he still has the knack of understanding what players want.

The GREAT Million Dollar Candidate, Part 3

By Mark Wayman, Founder and CEO of the executive placement firm The Foundation LLC

My name is Mark Wayman, and my 15 minutes of fame was two software companies. One went public on the NASDAQ and the other (counter-terrorism software) was acquired by IBM. For the last ten years I have owned an Executive Recruiting firm focused on gaming and high tech. Compensation starts at $100,000, and last year I placed eight executives north of a million dollars. Are you looking for casino bonuses? You can check latest casino bonuses right now.

Building Better Business

A delicate balance between revenue and entertainment. Interview with Marcus Prater,Executive Director of the AGEM. Jack Bulavsky

Marcus Prater is Executive Director of the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM), a non-profit international trade association representing manufacturers and suppliers of electronic gaming devices, systems, table games, online technology, key components and support products and services for the gaming industry. Its current membership of 147 companies in 21 countries is a who’s who of the supplier segment of the global gaming industry.

Jack Bulavsky, Special Assignment Correspondent for Casino Life in Las Vegas, spoke with Prater several weeks before the opening of G2E 2015.

Skill-based Casino Games Offer Leading Advantages

Damien Connelly talks with Aaron Hightower, VP Gaming Technology for NanoTech Gaming

Arcade games are all about short experiences, which is identical to slot games. With arcade games, you generally don’t win anything other than the kudos of getting your name on the leaderboard. It’s more about extending your time on device; the better you are at playing a game, the longer you can play it,” noted Aaron Hightower, VP Gaming Technology for Las Vegas-based NanoTech Gaming.

Progressive Innovaton

Walter Bugno, CEO, IGT International chats to Jack Bulavsky

We last spoke six months ago. How would you now describe the company and the coming together of IGT and GTECH?

What really stands out to me is the complementarity of the two legacy organizations and how well the new IGT has come together. When we exhibited at G2E Asia and AGE, it truly felt like we were one unified team that had worked together for much longer than just the few months since the completion of the merger agreement. I’m very pleased to see how our customers have embraced the new IGT. The expanded depth and breadth of our product offerings enables us to address customer needs across games, systems and solutions, on a global level, like never before.

Come for the Action and Stay for the Fun

Peter White interviews Peter Hoetzinger, Co CEO & President, Century Casinos, Inc.

Image: Peter Hoetzinger Vice Chairman of the Board Co CEO & President alongside Erwin Haitzmann Chairman of the Board  Co CEO

What would you say are amongst the many unique aspects that make a Century Casino stand out from its competitors?

Gaming is an entertainment business and we strive to offer the most friendly and fun guest experience in the market. That is the foundation of our continued success and it is always great to see that we are recognized for that. Our Century Casino & Hotel in Central City, Colorado, has been voted Denver’s Best Casino for the third year in a row. Our slogan ‘Come for the Action and Stay for the Fun!’ says it best.

The Sky is the limit

Surveillance Security at SkyCity Darwin by CCTV Specialist Vlado Damjanovski


Back in 2008 something novel happened in our industry, which for most went unnoticed. This historical occurrence was a little mile-stone in the CCTV industry: the SkyCity Casino in Darwin changed its old analogue 350+ camera system, based on the famous Maxpro MAX-1000 analogue matrix, to a digital system. This wasn’t just a normal change; it was special because it was the first switchover from analogue matrix to digital network system without any downtime.

Stop Training! Start Educating Employees

Stop Training! Start Educating Employees

Robert Ambrose Part 1

A community of employees working within an educated team environment. Building the Team. Robert Ambrose

Within the model of today’s hospitality industry there is a variety of property amenities that are a collective part of the presentation. Separately they each offer an experience and a unique set of operational challenges; whether it is dining, entertainment, retail, lodging or gaming. Collectively they come together as one brand for the customer as the total property experience.

Within the property experience fusing this brand identity together are teams of employees.

Resorts World Birmingham: helping Britain Work Regionally

Damien Connelly met with Barry Clemo, Strategic Marketing Director, Genting UK, on a tour of this soon-to-open resort casino 

Resorts World Birmingham will be a successful business with a very, very strong leisure remit. Resorts World Birmingham will help open people’s eyes to the casino experience and the wider leisure and entertainment experience offered by resort casinos; and in doing this, help the industry overall in the UK improve its product. I’d like Resorts World Birmingham to be a catalyst for change that benefits our entire industry,” commented Barry Clemo.