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Security & Risk Consultancy

Roy Ramm, Managing Director, ExtraYard Ltd chats to Peter White


Can we commence this interview with an outline of your organisation?

ExtraYard Ltd is a security and risk consultancy with special interest and expertise in gambling. We offer advice to companies in the gaming and leisure sector on the practical application of and compliance with regulations – particularly AML and social responsibility requirements - as well as supporting companies and individuals facing challenging security or integrity issues with a high level discrete investigative service.

Casino Dealer Schools

What Are the Best Casino Dealer Schools in Europe?

The casino gambling industry is currently thriving throughout the European Union (EU), with new venues opening every year across the continent.

In fact, according to the European Casino Association (ECA), which annually publishes a comprehensive industry report known as the ECA European Casino Industry Report, the organization now represents “approximately 900 casinos and over 70,000 employees in 25 countries.” Overall, casino gambling across Europe encompasses an industry valued at more than €8 billion.


An online sport betting is one of the increasing sports in Thailand.

Though online sport betting is not a legal part of Thailand but it doesn’t stop the people of Thailand to play and visit online sport betting sites. Sport bookies use foreign sites, which have legal certificates. There is a small number of betting websites, which accepts players from Thailand. Where to bet highly depends upon the individual, which sport is the player willing to bet on and keeping in mind the risks involved with the same.

Long Haul Rewards

Glyn Thomas talks to Matt Hurst, Executive Vice President – Casino Operations and Marketing at Tiger Resorts

Once the centrepiece of a feud between casino owners, challenged by ownership percentages but now back on track and due to open in a year’s time, Manila Bay Resorts looks as if it will finally take its place amongst the top resorts in Asia.

Matt, that period of disruption must have taken its toll on the project but is it all now behind you?

Game of Skill or Chance?

The children’s classic, the Tortoise and the Hare : Robert Ambrose Instructor Gaming & Hospitality Center for Hospitality & Sport Management Drexel University

In the Daily Fantasy Sports model, the Hare had a statistical advantage; even if he didn’t win the race. We are in a defining moment where regulation, gambling and the current technologies, are locked in not only a semantic debate but a regulatory one as well.

The recent headlines in the news have raised questions about the operational model of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS.) The controversy, based on some employees’ alleged use of proprietary information to wager, has made DraftKings and FanDuel the poster children for regulation.

TOP 10 Candidate Questions aka Why Executive Recruiters “Qualify” You: By Mark Wayman

Mark Wayman, Founder and CEO of the executive placement firm The Foundation, LLC discusses executive recruitment

My name is Mark Wayman, and for the last eleven years I have owned an Executive Recruiting firm focused on gaming and high tech. Compensation starts at $100,000; last year I placed eight executives north of a million dollars.

This article explains the types of questions you can expect when engaging an Executive Recruiter, and why we ask those questions. I focus on executives in the $100,000 to $1,000,000 compensation category, however these answers are relevant at all levels. Every time a Recruiter submits a candidate for a job, their reputation is on the line, so there is due diligence to ensure the candidate is a strong match for the open position. Three important points to remember about Executive Recruiters.

Hard Rock Gaming

Stephen Karoul chats with Nelson Parker VP of Casino Development Hard Rock International

With a total of 206 venues in 64 countries, including 158 cafes, 23 hotels and 11 casinos, Hard Rock International (HRI) is one of the most globally recognized companies. Is Hard Rock International a brand or is Hard Rock International a lifestyle?

Hard Rock International is a world-class entertainment company that has been infusing hospitality with music and fun for more than four decades through its portfolio of Cafes, Hotels, Casinos and Live Music Venues around the globe.

Game of Chance

Games of chance have been with us all through the ages.  Records abound in Ancient Greece and Rome with evidence of different gambling techniques, as well as an account of Chinese gambling that dates back to 2300BC.

These days, an increasingly large number of people like to gamble online, at their own pace.   This is possible due to gambling sites like the PayPal casinos covered here www.paypal-casinos.co and the manner in which they’ve simplified the gambling process.

In the cards

California’s Bicycle Club Casino is reinvented with a new look, focus and mission. By David McKee

In its 30-plus years, the Bicycle Casino, in Bell Gardens, has led a colorful life. “The Bike,” as it’s known to players and locals, was founded in 1984 by George Hardie Sr. The elder Hardie, however, was not fortunate in his choice of financiers. His backer, Sam Gilbert, was alleged to have underwritten the Bicycle Club as a means of laundering drug money. In April 1990, a federal court in Miami, Florida, ordered the Bicycle Club to be forfeited to the government to satisfy a tax lien. Thus, the U.S. government would find itself for much of the 1990s in the piquant position of running a California card room.

60 Years of Proven Quality, Service and Support

Peter White chats to Harald Wagemaker, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing of Gaming and Casino EMEA SUZOHAPP

How has 2015 treated SUZOHAPP?

This 60th anniversary year has been tremendously successful for SUZOHAPP. I am proud to say that this is our fifth consecutive year that we are showing strong growth, which is due to our strategy and the great achievements of the entire team. The gaming industry is not growing at this rate. That shows that we are gaining market share through our focus and dedication on innovation and providing the right set of solutions for our customers all around the EMEA region.