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Guaranteed Gaming Entertainment

Guaranteed Gaming Entertainment

Could we commence this interview with a brief history of Ortiz Gaming; how it came to be founded, to the present day, multinational corporation with offices and customers World Wide?

Our history has always been about providing entertainment and happiness to people through our products and to add to the business growth of our clients. This core philosophy for the past 20 years has been the guiding principle of our growth. In 2002, Mr. Ortiz decided to expand to Central America; today the company has operations around the world. By 2003, Ortiz Gaming began operations in Scandinavia and, two years later, in Spain. Again, this core philosophy and the demand it has driven our expansion now into the USA, Asia, and many new markets.

Atlantic City the “Come-Back-City”

Atlantic City-It will be every idea you had about winning and losing.” (From the movie, Atlantic City, Louis Malle 1980.)

A great deal about Atlantic City’s history is a tug of war between the “old and new,” and the marketing models vs. customer perceptions. In the 1980-90’s I was there along with countless others employed in this first experimental gaming model outside of Las Vegas.

In control were various corporate power players and politicians full of visionary dreams. Their idealism was fed by the excitement of being at the beginning of a new industry in the city, their ego and a daily unrealistic infusion of cash. This daily flow of funds from the casino floor sometimes blurred the lines of business realities.  Added to this a somewhat controlled chaos with an endless supply of "political buffoonery" that prevailed for decades.

Ocean views aboard the Casino Sunborn

Dominick Stenson Casino Manager speaks to Andrew Behan

How old is the Cruise Ship and is it a permanent mooring or can it still set off on the high seas?

The Super Yacht as we prefer to call it has been in it's permanent mooring for just over a year and was delivered new, purpose built to Gibraltar from a shipyard in Malaysia.

It can in fact sail at a speed of 10 knots if required.

Dominick Stenson Casino Manager at Sunborn Gibraltar Hotel & Casino along side Andrew and Louise Behan

What in your opinion are amongst the most impressive Facilities of the Cruise Liner?

Success Breeds Success

Hull is successful. Hull will soon take on the well-earned title as 2017 UK City of Culture and on top of other major investment projects will soon be hosting a major casino that is due to open to the public for mid 2017, in time for the 17/18 academic year. Peter White spoke to Mark Bailey, Hotel Development Director, Manor Property Group

Save the Riviera! by Victor H Royer

This article is an appeal to Warren Buffet. Warren, loan me enough money so I can buy the Riviera, and save it. It won’t cost much – just about $200 million, or so. Maybe another $100 million for upgrades and operational expenses. If done right, this venerable old Star of the Strip can be rescued, and saved from the wrecking ball.

It is unfathomable to me that Las Vegas power-brokers have become so utterly stupid that they are systematically destroying and dismantling all that made Las Vegas great. And what are they doing to replace it? Building yet another series of bland convention halls, and a parking lot in the middle of the Strip.

And for what?

So that Las Vegas can get even more conventions, populated by endless streams of conventioneers, almost none of whom gamble.

Multi Million $ Baccarat

Corporate Senior Vice President and Chief Casino Officer (CCO), Marina Bay Sands, Andrew MacDonald speaks with Bill Healey Associate Editor Asia

Considered the world’s biggest Baccarat Tournament, the 3rd Annual Grand Dragon Master Baccarat Championship is currently in progress.  Starting in August 2014 and ending in March 2015, what is the role of Marina Bay Sands in this year’s global championship?

We are so pleased that our Annual Grand Dragon Master Baccarat Championship has become a key event on the global Baccarat calendar. Seeing this event start from a concept that involved 30,000 participants in its first year and grow into a tournament that has 70,000 participants today is very rewarding.


Is it time for us to stop using the word “casino” when describing a property that has more to offer the customer?  

Understanding that the smaller casino floor of the future may help to better define the entire property experience.

 I was a panel member at a city planner’s conference in Philadelphia this past fall. The session was about the future of casino gambling in Pennsylvania.   A member of the audience asked me, “Is it time for us to stop using the word “casino” when describing a property that has so much more to offer the customer?”

My response was yes. Here on the east coast of the US it is definitely an over- used phrase to generically describe a property. 

Better Customer Understanding

Carlo Musio, Slot Manager for Groupe Tranchant, talks with Damien Connelly 

Mr. Musio is the Slot Manager for Groupe Tranchant. He is responsible for the 1,986 gaming machines the Groupe operates in its 17 casinos; 16 of which are in France. Introducing new products and developing new concepts to make sure Groupe Tranchant maintains its market position as the number three casino operator in France is the major focus for Mr. Musio, who reports directly to the company’s founder, Georges Tranchant.

“Groupe Tranchant is currently developing a new project to better understand how many visitors we have to our casinos, why people are visiting our casinos, and how much they spend during each visit. This information will be broken down for each casino,” commented Mr. Musio.

Market Forces

John Globokar President JBK International, speaks to Peter White & Damien Connelly 

2014 was a year of major resort closures and buyouts of leading iconic slot manufacturers. With these significant mergers and buyouts in manufacture and supply come what is commonly termed ‘operational efficiency savings’ which results in employees either being presented an alternative role or made redundant. This process of review within these organizations can take many months so for many these are insecure times.

Please can we commence this interview with a brief history of JBK International, when was it founded and what have been the main aims & ambitions of the organization?

Luxury Gaming at The Ritz Club

Bill Healey speaks to Roger Marris about how The Club's prestige is enhanced through its strong and enduring relationship with their sophisticated jet-set membership.

The Ritz Club is world renown as one of London’s most prestigious addresses, and therefore a draw for business leaders and entertainers.  Through the years, the Club has hosted a fair number of influential and high profile people.  Can you share some of the more interesting stories?