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Resorts World Birmingham: helping Britain Work Regionally

Damien Connelly met with Barry Clemo, Strategic Marketing Director, Genting UK, on a tour of this soon-to-open resort casino 

Resorts World Birmingham will be a successful business with a very, very strong leisure remit. Resorts World Birmingham will help open people’s eyes to the casino experience and the wider leisure and entertainment experience offered by resort casinos; and in doing this, help the industry overall in the UK improve its product. I’d like Resorts World Birmingham to be a catalyst for change that benefits our entire industry,” commented Barry Clemo.

Bet’em all Blackjack

If it looks like Blackjack, Tastes like Blackjack and Smells like Blackjack, it may not be Blackjack as you know it. Interview with Dean Wilson from Bet’em All Blackjack. By Steve Karoul

Dean, thank you for taking the time to be interviewed by Casino Life Magazine. As game developers, you have a very good track record especially with your new Lunar Poker table game. Your newest table game, Bet’em All Blackjack, sounds very exciting for many different reasons.

Casino Life readers are always interested in learning more from company leaders as to how they view the casino industry today. Can you please share some of your viewpoints as to how the casino industry is changing and why you think new games will be popular with players?

A Casino Life

Chris Moore chats with David Heap, former Group CEO, TCS John Huxley Group

Many in the casino industry will remember when TCS and John Huxley were two of the most intense rivals in the casino equipment market. I remember that at every exhibition I attended, both companies were expanding, becoming more innovative and increasingly competitive. However in early 2003, as a surprise to many of us, both companies merged to become the major, global table games casino equipment supplier.

The Brave New World of Slots

How to improve your product performance, and do something nice for slot players at the same time  Victor H. Royer

Skill games are here – well, soon, at least, once the rules are finalized. Get ready for Pac-Man, Mario Bros, Centipede, Pinball, Frogger, Space Invaders, and Hemorrhoids (Umm, I mean, Asteroids). Frankly, I just can’t wait – for the skill games, I mean. Not the Hemorrhoids.

Online arcade games are bringing gambling to the masses

In the cutthroat world of online casinos, companies need to do all they can to attract more customers than their competitors in a saturated market. One way that this is being done is through the use of arcade games. Arcade games are extremely varied and have so much potential for expansion and innovation that they are bringing gambling to a much wider audience.


The modern generation of potential new casino users have been brought up on computer games and PlayStations, rather than the card and dice games of old. So it makes sense that when they make the transition into gambling these people would find computer-style games more appealing than games like craps and blackjack.

Mohegan Sun 'Ready for Global Expansion'

Interview with Mr. Bobby Soper, President of the Mohegan Sun Casino. Steve Karoul

Bobby, thank you for your time today to be interviewed by Casino Life Magazine.

Many of our readers around the world follow the progress of most of the major casino companies in the world. The Mohegan Sun Casino is the second largest casino in North America size wise but also one of the highest revenue producers as well. Can you please tell us a little more about the Mohegan Sun Casino and about other entities also owned by the Tribe?

Alfastreet Gaming: Building On Solid Foundations

Alan Campbell chats to Albert Radman, Sales Director, Alfastreet Gaming

Established in 1994 as a continuation of a successful family-owned furniture business, Alfastreet Gaming has grown to become a leader in the production of electronic gaming machines and today offers everything from roulette and card games to dice and horseracing titles. Not content to rest on its laurels, 2015 has seen the Slovenian firm enter the world of slots with its Virtual Roulette game, which prompted Alan Campbell to sit down with Albert Radman, a sales director for the Sezana-based company, in order to discuss what the future may hold for one of the gaming industry’s most promising innovators.

Scientific Games CEO Gavin Isaacs “Now It’s Time To Grow The Organization”

Gavin Isaacs, President and Chief Executive Officer at Scientific Games, and Ken Jolly, Vice President of Scientific Games Asia, spoke to Peter White during G2E Asia

“Stronger Together” is a slogan that fully encapsulates the amalgamation of what is now Scientific Games. How would you describe the combining of these companies?

Game ON’s “Bringing Gambling Back to the Ukraine” Conference – Why this market matters

Becky Liggero interviews Glyn Thomas Event Director GameOn Ukraine

The inaugural “Game On- Bringing Gambling Back to the Ukraine” is set to kick off in Kyiv October 13 & 14, 2015.  Despite political turmoil in the East of the country, the Ukraine lovely place to visit and prior to 2009, was home to a healthy gambling industry.

The Ukraine government has their eyes on the gambling industry to generate more tax revenue and increase tourism, an industry that is in need of proper regulation in the country.  “Bringing Gambling Back to the Ukraine” has been organized to bring together local government officials and gambling industry professionals to cover the key issues at stake.

Virtual Reality Could be Financial Sanity for Future Casinos

Jeff Lande, Founder of Lucky VR, chats with Damien Connelly

I’m in the bonus feature. I need to collect eggs. Dinosaur-sized eggs. It’s even more challenging because I also need to beat a T.rex. I can see it, I can hear it, I can feel it. If my smell sense was triggered right about now, I would also think I could smell it. My brain is telling me the T.rex is real and that it’s right in front of me. My heart has started to beat faster. A Pterodactyl flies overhead, making me duck. “Wow!”