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The Future of Gaming

Gaming has come a long way since sitting around a table to enjoy a game of whist or a board game with all the family was considered the norm. And nowadays, video games also bear very little relation to the ones that first appeared in pubs and clubs in the 1980s.

With technology changing at such a quick rate, what can we expect to see in the near future?

Unsurprisingly, it’s an area that virtually every month brings exciting new developments and innovations, and close observers of games and the gaming world are already making bold predictions for the future.

Mobile Casino Gaming: Better Tech Sparks Mobile Boom

If there was one iGaming trend that captured the industry's attention in 2015, it was mobile gaming

If there was one iGaming trend that captured the industry's attention in 2015, it was mobile gaming. Despite many sites launching mobile products as early as 2010, the industry has only just started to come into its own and many are now predicting that 2016 could be the year the medium starts to overtake desktop gaming.

Indeed, thanks to a combination of improved smartphone technology and increased gaming options, mobile casino operators are now gearing up for a major push over the coming months.

JOA Acquires and Grows

Laurent Lassiaz, CEO of Groupe JOA, discusses the acquisition of Casino de Besançon and JOA’s developments with Damien Connelly

We are accelerating the development of Groupe JOA by making acquisitions of other casinos. On November 1, we completed the acquisition of Casino de Besançon from Groupe Lucien Barrière. We made this acquisition because it allows JOA to better serve the market in the newly created grande région Bourgogne Franche-Comté, which has a population of almost 3 million and whose major cities are Dijon and Besançon. Our acquisition of Casino de Besançon may also see JOA acquire some new Swiss customers, as the border with Switzerland is quite close.

Resorts World Birmingham ‘Has That Winning Formula for Success’

Interview with Barry Clemo Strategic Marketing Director Genting UK. Peter White reports back from the opening night of Resorts World Birmingham

Genting International Casino at Resorts World Birmingham is the first new-build resort casino to open in Europe for a generation. What amenities do you think set it apart from other European casino properties?

Saddle Up!

Alfastreet places a big wager on Royal Derby. By David McKee

Back in 1992, Alfastreet was founded to manufacture furniture. Today, the company is still making tables and consoles – but of a very different kind. When Iztok Pockaj took over the family business in 1994, he saw the potential of redirecting the company’s energies into the gaming industry, starting with the R8 electronic-roulette console, still the company’s best-selling product. Their high numbers of spins endeared them to casinos, while players liked the private betting terminals that came with the game.

Still The Forgotten Game

If I were to tell you that there is an existing casino slot machine game that has a wide following among players, is inexpensive to manufacture, contains a high yield for the operator – traditionally somewhere between 8% and 14% house hold – but one that is being substantially ignored by both gaming manufacturers as well as casino operators, would you know to which game I am referring?

Gaming’s Future Has Arrived at Interblock

John Connelly is Chief Executive Officer at Interblock. He was extremely busy during G2E 2015 showing off the company’s revolutionary Pulse Arena. However, Connelly took time to sit down with Jack Bulavsky, Special Assignment Correspondent for Casino Life in Las Vegas, to discuss the future of gaming

Interblock is a worldwide leading developer and supplier of luxury electronic table gaming products. Its multi-player gaming devices provide the ultimate in luxury interactive entertainment experiences. The Interblock brand is globally recognized for quality gaming solutions and technical support in more than 130 jurisdictions. The company’s multi-player gaming machines are setting new industry standards that have earned the brand its position as market leader in its business segment.

The Buzz This Year at G2E, “Millennials.”

Those “M’s” and all things social…They just happen to be my students. Bob Ambrose


I am excited that the gaming industry is studying the next generation of customers. Quite frankly I am bored with my baby boomer counterparts.

Those “M’s” are 80 million strong; according to the US Chamber of Commerce. This is the first generation that has grown up from diaper to “cap and gown” centered in a planet sized evolution of technology.

They are also my students. Not all 80 million! But I do have a microcosm of multi-cultural 18-30 year olds that don’t like being generalized. I get it! As a child of the 1960’s in the US I felt the same way with the entire “flower-power” hippie-generation tag I had to bear.

Grand scheme of things

Jim Simms and Seth Schorr are striving to create the casino of the future at the Downtown Grand. By David McKee

“Gamblers wanted” is the new mantra of Fifth Street Gaming’s Downtown Grand casino, in Las Vegas—and no wonder. On a recent midweek night, the casino floor was thinly populated and the high-limit room empty. The lively exception to the prevailing quiet was a crowded craps table. The Downtown Grand has been a victim of geography. Executives will tell you that its biggest handicap is being a block off the Fremont Street Experience, the main artery of downtown Vegas. That one, long block might as well as be a mile as far as foot traffic is concerned.

Improving Connections

Guido Berghmans, CEO, CASINO 2000, chats with Damien Connelly about its connected entertainment

We are the only casino in Europe where you find the Las Vegas concept implemented 100% throughout the property. Everything we offer is behind our entrance control; our casino and bingo, our hotel, our F&B, and our Chapito events facility. The most important thing is we now have our Chapito directly connected with our venue.”

Since 1999, the owner has invested over €60 million in CASINO 2OOO. From expanding the casino floor, through building a second hotel tower, to renewing the restaurants and adding the Chapito for events, CASINO 2OOO has improved significantly over the years. From my first visit to my latest, I am always amazed by the efficiency of the team.