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To Tip or Not to Tip the Dealer

Breaking down a basic question of casino etiquette. By Al O’Grady

Let’s assume for a second that you are having a winning session at the tables. Do you tip the dealer? If so, how much? If not, why not? This is a very contentious issue and everyone has his or her own opinion. As a blackjack dealer, I certainly have a bias what I would like to see players do—but I would like to add some perspective for non-tippers that they may not have considered before.

The UK ranks as the 2nd country in the world for searching roulette strategies

The information was extracted from a survey conducted on the Ahrefs platform

Photo: Chandlervid85/Freepik.

According to the research 'Global Online Poker Market 2023–2032', conducted by Custom Market Insights (CMI), the online poker market is projected to reach an impressive value of $170 billion by the year 2030.

The Best Refer-a-Friend Bonuses You Will Find for US Players

The refer-a-friend bonus is a popular concept in online casinos. It’s exactly what it sounds like: if you share the platform with a friend, you will get a prize!

This article highlights the best refer-a-friend bonuses you will find in the US. It also explores the benefits you can earn and how they work.

What is a Refer-a-Friend Bonus?

If you invite a friend to use the same online casino as you, the platform will often show their gratitude by giving you a bonus. It can take many forms, including free:

Exploring Virtual Reality Casinos In recent

In recent years, virtual reality technology has entered many different areas of modern life. Today, it is used in the healthcare industry to allow medical staff (such as surgeons) to learn complex medical procedures in a safe environment that does not require specialist equipment or a dedicated training area. It can also be used in aviation to train new pilots, using almost identical virtual cockpits and instruments before they fly real planes. However, the entertainment sector is one area of business in which they are becoming increasingly used.