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Brexit and the UK Gambling Industry

First it was David Cameron, then Teresa May followed, and finally the UK’s conservative party started to negotiate the terms for Brexit with Boris Johnson. With Brexit deals splashed across the table, Johnson was given the green light by the British voter, but how will this impact business and dealing the UK has with the rest of the world?

Brexit will undoubtedly force a new way of business, a new norm if you will. Import, export will all be jammed with taxes, strings attached and more.

5 traits of quality Australian online casinos


The UK Market is by far one of the biggest gambling markets around, however a new market is emerging, and that is the Australian Market. Although harsh regulations dominate the scene, the market is becoming a dominant one, a competitive industry and the gambler is taking notice. Let us have a look at what traits to spot when looking at an Australian casino, and why you should start considering an Australian site as you next home. There is loads to discuss, but the points below will summaries some of the key points that stand out.

How to recognize the fastest payout casinos in New Zealand


Choosing the best online casino involves a lot of elements, including a fast payout payments method.

Nothing makes a player happier than receiving his winnings with a simple click. Although there so many online casinos in NZ that claim to have fast payout methods, not all do. 

How would you know an online casino that pays out quickly?

Those and many more will be discussed here!

Just stay tuned!

Features of the fastest payout casinos in NZ

Big Time Gaming - The Megaways™ Slots Revolutionaries


IN the world of online video slots Big Time Gaming are arguably the most important game developer of recent years, swiftly rising to the top of a competitive pile thanks to a revolutionary game engine called Megaways™.

As this inventive developer continues to impress with the release of their latest title, Monopoly Megaways™, we look at what makes the Australian outfit and their extraordinary invention so popular.

The future’s bright – the future’s eSports

As ICE London prepares to take eSports to the next level with a brand new, state-of-the-art Esports Arena combining live tournaments, demonstrations, workshops and world class eSports players, the event organiser’s Head of eSports, William Harding, reflects on why the ICE brand is primed to deliver the third age for the increasingly popular betting sector.  From his early days playing Warcraft 3, and his role in embedding Twitch.tv within Europe, Harding is well versed in the international arena and explores his passion for players, the need for industry-wide eSports education and where