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Coasting in the Casino

Prolific inventor Bill Kitchen turns his proven talents toward gaming. By: David McKee

Blame it on the Air Force. Or maybe it was skydiving. Somewhere along the line, the thrill bug bit William Kitchen, turning him into a prolific inventor. It all began 30 years ago in his living room, with a model for a thrillride prototype made out of broom handles and G.I. Joe parts. “At the time, my girlfriend looked at this ride …and told me I was absolutely crazy,” Kitchen recalls.  “Nevertheless I built one and people lined up all day

4 Casino Games That Are Beginner-Friendly

The love for land-based casinos has not died down completely since we still see some of the diehard and casual casino fans visiting land-based casinos for games. Inside the casinos, you will encounter people that are looking to make some more money and those that are there just to enjoy the fun. So, it will always be a mix of people of different social backgrounds, and they are all enjoying their time at the casinos.


You’ve watched Texas Hold’em quite a number of times on television, but have you seen the other variations of online poker games? You may probably not know that online poker has got so many wonderful variations that can be tried out. Never worry, we have compiled an in-depth list of the different variations of online poker games that exist. Just sit back and relax with a bottle of chilled drinks while we take you through the list.

Poker in Las Vegas: Five of the Best Poker Rooms in the Gambling Capital of the World

Las Vegas has a reputation for being a gambler’s paradise that dates back further than legal gambling in the state of Nevada. The city flourished following the legalisation of gambling in 1931 but was renowned for its bootleg casinos for at least two decades previously. The proliferation of casinos that have opened since the 1940s on Highway 41, know better known as The Strip, have turned Las Vegas into the gambling capital of the world. Today, there are upwards of 42 million visitors to Vegas each year.

What Makes Playing New Slots so Fun?

In many ways, the global market is like a casino. We can rarely predict what will rise in popularity and what will fall to obscurity, even if there are objective reasons for both. There were many reasons why playing new slots became so popular, and they only needed a little push to skyrocket in popularity.

Namely, the sudden drop in sports betting due to the postponement of tournaments allowed a lot of players to test the new digital games, and a lot of those players plan on staying with these games even after sports are back on.

NetEnt’s Entry into the USA – The Whole Story

Game developers are the backbone of the online casino industry, responsible for keeping it afresh and exciting. Over the last decade, the success of the business has resulted in several developers entering the market, supplying the latest gaming options to entice players, both old and new. However, only a few companies at the very top are responsible for providing online casinos with entertainment options that have been revolutionary in their appeal.

What to look out for when selecting new casino sites

With the global new casino site business going through a real purple patch right now, more players than ever are heading to the internet to take advantage of this exciting style of new casino that can provide players with some huge wins! With so many new sites around, it is more difficult than ever to select a new casino site. Fortunately, comparison portals ensure that it is easier than ever to choose new casino sites online. Find out more about new casino sites at Newcasinosites.me.uk.

All about Online Gambling for Casino Games

The internet helps people to live more conveniently. This includes entertainment. For example, gamblers can easily enjoy online gambling at their favorite online casino providers. That means you can "play your favorite betting games" without leaving your home. This becomes a convenient way to have fun and win money! To learn further about online casino games, you must read further information below.

NetEnt’s Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior slot game has a growing popularity

Every online casino continues its surge in popularity, picking up from where they left off last year. And While many people are looking forward to enjoying their summer outdoors, slot faithful were looking forward to something entirely different. The highly anticipated NetEnt’s Street Fighter II: The World Warrior slot was released last month with a bang.