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Royal Casino HaLong Seaside Gaming in Northern Vietnam


Bill Healey chats to Paul Simmons and Tim Nguyen, founders of Platinum Entertainment Limited, the management group for Royal Casino HaLong

Emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone karsts draw tourists to HaLong Bay, an enchanting UNESCO seaside community in northern Vietnam. As one of the leading tourist destinations in the north, expats and tourists typically journey to HaLong for a 2-3 day scenic cruise. Recreation, leisure and entertainment have been growing in this coastal city with golf, nightlife and

The sky is the limit


Bill Healey chats with Jment Lim, Founder and Managing Director at Lucky Ruby Casino & Resort

Back in 2019 I was fortunate to make my way through rural Cambodia to spend a few days at the Lucky Ruby Hotel and Casino, located at a remote crossing on the Cambodia-Vietnam border. As a resident of Las Vegas, and somewhat familiar with the SE Asian casino market, I found this gambling outpost a refreshing change-ofpace. I’ve recently had time to chat with Jment Lim, founder and owner of two border casinos: Lucky89 and Lucky Ruby.

What Should Beginners Know Before Using Online Casinos?


By offering fast-paced action on-demand, online casinos have become some of the most popular gambling platforms in the modern age.

But for something that boasts such easy accessibility, the sheer amount of variety is enough to confuse any would-be player.

Ignore the barrage of free spins and bonuses. Instead, read on for my three-step beginner’s guide to getting started with online casinos.

Twin Rivers and Caesars


The recent deal between Twin Rivers and Caesars with the intended purchase of Bally’s Hotel & Casino was a “win-win,” for both parties.  Great price for Twin Rivers while subtracting by one, the multiple property ownership in AC for Caesars.  With the pending merger of Eldorado (Owns Tropicana in AC) and Caesars, (Owns, Harrah’s, Wild West, Caesars and Bally,) Caesars was overloaded.



Progressive bonuses are always on the list of online casino promotions. Especially the loyal customers are those who have a rather lively and lively player account. To them often the online casino is addressed directly, by email or phone, to offer special progressive bonuses, designed especially for them.

The progressive bonus is a so-called bonus in steps: the more you play, the more the bonus becomes interesting and generous.

How coronavirus is impacting the gambling industry


With almost all the sports leagues of the world postponed or suspended because of Covid-19, the sports betting industry has also been impacted significantly. Sports events make a direct contribution to the betting industry and cancellation of these events has had a major negative impact on the latter’s revenues. However, there are several other ways in which coronavirus is affecting the gambling industry. Let’s learn about some of them below.