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Learn When to Fold Your Poker Hands

Winning excellent cards is one thing, but laying down your poker hands is also a good strategy. To keep you informed, when a poker player uses the term "lay down," they are referring to folding a hand.

It is essential to understand when and how to fold in poker. You can do this by ensuring you know what to do if the odds are not in your favor. Furthermore, other factors will contribute to why you have to fold your hands.

The best casino events to attend in Australia

When it comes to gambling, it's fair to say that those in Australia are certainly fans. There are numerous land-based casinos to choose from and these are all world-class. They all offer truly spectacular settings as well as an amazing range of games such as slots, blackjack, poker and roulette. For some people, the preference will always be to play online. It's understandable that players prefer the online experience, but that’s not to say that land-based casinos have nothing to offer.

Could Smart Pachinko Save The Traditional Game?

What is Pachinko?

Pachinko is one of the most popular games in Japan and is the only form of gambling that private businesses are permitted to operate. Technically Pachinko is not regarded as gambling  because it awards customers with cash indirectly.

Ironically, Pachinko plays a crucial role in the Japanese GDP, despite occupying a legislative gray area. According to an official report, the total leisure market size in Japan is about £325 billion (*exchange rate as of 27/10 applied).

Digital Diversification – How Land Based Casinos Can Attract Traditional Bricks-and-Mortar Players

The challenges facing the land-based casino sector are well-documented. The explosion of iGaming over the past decade and the recent COVID pandemic has put unprecedented strain on bricks-and-mortar operators.

To survive, many land-based casinos have embraced online gambling – for some floundering operators, the revenue generated from web-based play has been a lifeline.

Traditional casino games continuing to hold their own within online betting sphere

The online sports betting sphere has developed exponentially over the past two decades, with more gamblers than ever before turning to sportsbooks to get their gambling fix.

In essence, few betting markets are as unpredictable and relatable as sports betting, with the human side of global sport often playing a huge factor in the outcome of a particular bet.