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Just one of those things

Circa owner Derek Stevens talks about the creation of his new resort. By: David McKee

If Derek Stevens didn’t exist, Las Vegas would have to invent him. The Detroit native, along with his brother Greg, has been building up a casino empire in the Downtown area of Las Vegas for almost 15 years.

Rather than come in and trying reinvent the casino business all at once, Stevens entered quietly and

How Have Online Casinos Fared This Pandemic Globally?

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the entire world went into lockdown. The casino hubs and other businesses too had to shut down, and economies around the world went into a tizzy. However, even the entertainment and gambling world was in a fix as to whether people will consume their content now or not. With millions losing their jobs, everyone was looking for ways to survive. At that time, we saw that the online casino sector was still thriving and how! People began checking sites like Betfair, Betfred, and reading their reviews as they prepared to bet.

How the Ban on Credit Cards Affects the Casino Industry in the UK

The British Gambling Commission, the UK’s sole landbased and online casino regulator, is considered one of the toughest, if not the toughest, gambling watchdogs in the world. The UKGC boasts an unprecedented commitment to ensuring a fair and safe gaming environment for gamblers in Great Britain, striving to reduce gambling-related harm to the bare minimum. And it would be fair to say it succeeds, considering the tough regulatory demands it imposes on its licensees.

A Brief Overview of the Credit Card Ban

Exotic types of gambling

Speaking about gambling, we most often recall poker, roulette, or slot machines. But in the world, there are such types of Gclub gambling entertainment that you do not even know about. For us, they are exotic, although, for the average Australian - to bet on the outcome of the sea crabs racing is quite an ordinary activity.

These games are often illegal and bypass current state bans. Let's get acquainted with the world of exotic gambling entertainment.

Slot machines


Things To Remember When Playing Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular casino game that one plays against the dealer, it is a fun game but not as simple as some of the other games that one gets at casinos, like slots for instance. One needs skills or some set of strategy to win. These are simple (yet advanced tips) that one uses in bringing the house down to edge further and improving the chances of winning the game. This article will help one in explaining and discussing useful tips to improvise not only the game but also up your winning opportunities.

Basic blackjack tips

In A Crisis

Here’s what to do when the unexpected happens. Paul McGee – The Sumo Guy

For over twenty years I’ve been writing and speaking about the subjects of change, resilience, leadership and dealing with uncertainty. So, as we all learn to navigate unchartered waters in unprecedented times, I wanted to share four ways we can cope.

Understand how your brain works