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Recollections - Heading East

Chris Moore reflects on his expirences in the Casino industry during his time in the former Eastern Block.

Manila Bay Resorts ‘Real-Life Wonderland ‘

Peter White chats with Executive Vice President – Casino Operations and Marketing Matt Hurst Tiger Resort, Leisure & Entertainment Inc.

Universal Entertainment has managed steady growth over its 45 years, with its founder & Chairman of the Board Kazuo Okada, still at the forefront of the organisations expansion; one can see that the organisation has been founded on very strong ideology.

Manila Bay Resorts is the first integrated resort project of Mr. Okada, and we aim to be the innovative global leader in gaming and entertainment resorts.


Peter White chats with Desmond Whitcher Director Alternate Gaming & Innovation Sun International during a very busy international business trip.

Later this year one of South Americas most impressive new Resort Hotels that is also the tallest building in Panama, will open its Casino  venue that encompasses a 75,000 sq-ft gaming area, which will  be known as the Ocean Club Casino. Peter White chatted with Desmond Whitcher during the London ICE Totally Gaming Show last month about Sun Internationals latest exciting new venture in one of South Americas strongest economies.

Casino opens its doors  first week September 2014

Mr. Halpenny Had a Very Busy 2013

In spite of a 19-hour time difference, Adrian Halpenny of Bally Technologies was able to have a long, pleasant conversation with Jack Bulavsky, Special Assignment Correspondent for Casino Life.

Adrian Halpenny became Bally Technologies’ Senior Vice President of Australia and Europe when Bally acquired SHFL entertainment in November 2013. Since October 2010, he had been serving as President of SHFL entertainment Australia. Prior to that position, he was Director of Operations and has been in the electronics manufacturing industry for a number of years. Prior to joining SHFL entertainment, Halpenny held the position of General Manager, Startronics for five years and has also held operational leadership roles with ACL Automotive Components.

On The Beach

Caesars Entertainment's Dean McBride's career has taken him from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico. By David McKee

Corvallis, Oregon, in the Klamath Valley, in 1961. [Graduated from] the home of the fighting Beavers, Oregon State University. Directly after college, a family member had a business starting in Ketichkan, and part of it was charitable gaming. So I went into gaming immediately after college. From there I become involved in what you and I know as casinos. I moved to Reno, Nevada, in 1990. I spent about three and a half years in Alaska, and spent some time in Portland, Oregon, and relocated to Reno.

“The Future Looks Strong. It’s an Exciting Time.”

Before leaving for ICE in London, Derik Mooberry spoke with Jack Bulavsky, Special Assignment Correspondent for Casino Life.



Taking the ‘Sin’ Out of ‘Sin City’: Has Vegas Lost Its Gambling Mojo?

Taking the ‘Sin’ Out of ‘Sin City’: Has Vegas Lost Its Gambling Mojo?

More people than ever are jetting out to Las Vegas, but city-wide gambling revenue is falling. Sam Miranda investigates…

It seems that gambling may no longer be the backbone of the Las Vegas economy. While current tourism figures are healthy, visitors are spending less overall and fewer punters are hitting the casinos. According to the Review Journal, Las Vegas hotel occupancy in July 2013 stood at 90.6 per cent – a new record. However, Nevada gambling revenue reported a $1.35 billion net loss in 2013, the fifth straight year of losses.

Roger Marris, Chief Executive Officer of The Ritz Club London, interview by Jack Bulavsky

The Ritz Club, London Ventures East

It was 4 p.m. in London one day last month (8 a.m. in Las Vegas) when Roger Marris, Chief Executive Officer of The Ritz Club London, took time to speak on the telephone with Jack Bulavsky, Special Assignment Correspondent for Casino Life.

David Schwartz latest book 'Grandissimo' a biography of Jay Sarno


David Schwartz Director, Center for Gaming Research University of Nevada, chats with Peter White about his new book 'Grandissimo' a biography of Jay Sarno.


Could we start this interview with a history your from University to present day?

The 2nd Grand Dragon Master Baccarat Championship Gand Final 2013 with a final prize pool of over USD$12 Million

Could we commence the interview with a brief history of the tournament, what was the original motivation behind it, and how impressed are you with the events success.

Baccarat is one of the oldest and most popular games in casinos all over the world. Besides just creating the biggest Baccarat tournament ever, the Grand Dragon Master Baccarat Championship offers the ultimate experience for true Baccarat lovers from around the world.