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Top 10 Tips for Crushing Poker

Whether we are sitting down in a tough line-up, running our first home game, or firing up our regular online tables, being in the right frame of mind is crucial for success. In any game of poker, we are exposed to such a sheer amount of information that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to focus. Reviewing our top 10 tips will help us pay attention to what’s important and maximize our chances of walking away a winner.

How to Celebrate Hump Day in Style


The working week is long and tedious, and it gets to a point partway through when you just want to curl up in your bed, forget about your job, and wait it out until the weekend. Then Wednesday swings around, and suddenly all is right with the world again. 

But how do you survive the longest (metaphorically at least) day of the week? By planning some evening fun to help you celebrate getting through it, of course! Whilst drinking and dancing might not be the best idea - it is a school night, after all – these four casino games perfectly fit the bill… 

Australian Online Casino Guide


How do I choose the best Australian online casino? This is the most challenging question among most novices and beginners in online casino gambling.

If you are looking for legal real money online casinos accepting Australian punters, and where you can favorite games safely and securely, you are on the right page. This au-casino.com website guide covers all information you may want about online Australian Online Gambling.

What an Online Hater Really Wants from You

Haters are not your problem…ignoring them is By: Jay Baer, Author of the book Hug Your Haters

The near-universal adoption of smartphones and social media has fundamentally altered the science of complaints. Critics (“haters”) can now express their displeasure faster and more publicly than ever.

Based on my research with Edison, we found two main hater types, “Onstage” haters, who publicly launch complaints via social media and online review sites, and “Offstage” haters, who conduct their complaints via more private channels such as email and phone.