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The Future of Gambling: The Popularity of Mobile Casinos Around the World


As society evolves and grows; there are big changes in the air. Now more than ever, technology is impacting our lives in a large way, and are paving the way for improvements in how we work and play. Rivalling computers for the top spot, it appears that mobile phones are coming in at first place as humanity’s must-have accessory, and are aiding mankind to lead the way and innovate. Mobile phones not only make our work easier, but they also make our players better than ever. This can be seen best in the rise of mobile casinos. 

Online Bingo Is For Everyone


Online bingo – what’s not to love? It has been growing rapidly in the past fifteen years, and it’s quite easy to see why. After all, it’s an incredibly fun experience, even if you’re not playing strictly for the winnings. If you are interested in the profits, you can still have a massive amount of fun while playing it. There is a vast range of bingo games, but the basic premise remains the same – matching the numbers on your card with the ones called by the game. With a gameplay that is easy to understand and a simple format, online bingo remains a fun and exciting game.

How to spot a good mobile casino in five easy steps


Mobile technology has touched nearly every area of our lives. Our smartphones and tablets are like our personal assistants. From remembering important dates to managing our health - smartphones and tablets have revolutionised our lives.

And the same goes for casino gaming. There's no need to chain yourself to a desktop PC anymore to enjoy some gambling fun. And this is all thanks to mobile casinos. But what factors make a good mobile casino? Let's take a look.

#1 Design is key

Arabic Online Casinos


No matter where we live, gambling online can be something that appeals to us. Non English casino sites are always growing in number, with new casino sites being launched regularly. This is great for those in other nations that want to play top casino games, without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Online casino payment methods


When you visit an online casino, you’ll find that there are many different options for payments. Each of these varies slightly and has their own pros and cons. Join us as we take a look at these…

Card Payments

These are the basic ways to pay, which have been around for decades now. You input your card details directly on the site and then they take the payment from your account, simple! However, in terms of security this isn’t always the best method for you to use. There’s no middle man protecting your details and they can be seen by the merchant directly.

Is there enough reality-based education taking place on the topic of casino operations?

A work in progress at both universities and in-house on property By: Robert Ambrose

My commentary this issue is about casino education both in academic institutions and on a casino property.

I have worked in both environments, as a casino operations executive and university instructor in the U.S. I will state that the topic of casino education is a work in progress in both academia as well as in most company in-house programs.

Norwegian online casinos

Gambling is a major form of entertainment for many people around the world. It’s not a surprise considering the fact that it can be really exciting, especially when you try to win large sums of money. However, not every country allows their citizens to gamble freely, and Norway is one of them. It has very strict law against gambling, which means that you cannot play poker or any other casino game for money. Because of that, there are many Norwegians who try to find some trustworthy casinos online.

Norwegian online casinos aren’t really Norwegian