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Denmark’s online casino market has continued to evolve with several changes made to the Danish Gambling Act. 

Sweden is a European country located far north and is sparsely populated, characteristics of the country are extensive forests and numerous lakes. The borders are unchanged since 1905 and has not seen any war since 1814. Sweden is well known for its neutrality, the Nobel price and a rich wildlife including reindeers, wolves, bears and moose. Many have visited this wonderful country both for its nature, which anyone is free to roam in as you please if you don´t damage anything, and because many Americans still have distant relatives there. From Sweden, during the late 17:th century up to about 1920 about 1.5 million swedes had to emigrate to survive or to be able to freely exercise their religion. Sweden has lot to offer all tourists but if you plan to go here for any reason, we urge you to also visit one of their casinos since it is a very nice experience that differs from any casino you ever visited before.

Casino in Sweden

If you plan to visit Sweden and want to give their casinos a run you should visit one of the following cities. There are 4 of them and they are all run by the Swedish government via their “Svenska Spel” and they are all called Casino Cosmopol no matter which city you visit, this makes it easy to find because when entering a taxi, you can say “Please take me the casino” and they will instantly know where to drive you. Remember to always bring a valid form of ID-card since you will not be able to enter without one. Also, ask your hotel, they might offer you a casino bonus, to use when you visit that can contain free chips or a free meal for instance. You will not however get a huge cash bonus like the ones you get when playing casino online.

Stockholm – This was the last one to open in Sweden but since Stockholm is Sweden’s capitol we will start with it anyway. It was launched in March 13:th, 2003 and has since then been a very popular place to visit. People from all over the world visiting Stockholm are gathered here in a casino that has a relaxed atmosphere and that provides all types of gambling you would expect. Slot machines, table games and poker are but a few of the games you find here.

Gothenburg – This is Sweden’s second largest city and the casino here is beautifully placed in the harbor, just by the waterfront. Next to it is the Opera house which is framing the casino perfectly, the entire area is vibrating of history and when entering you will immediately feel welcomed. Here you can join poker tournaments, play at the slots machines or give Caribbean Stud a go among many other things. 

Sundsvall – This was the first casino to open in Sweden, it was launched June 30:th, 2001 and has since then been providing the public with one of the best gambling experiences you can have in Sweden. The building reminds us of an old castle or large mansion and inside you will really feel like you are entering another world. The games here are similar to all other land based casinos in Sweden but since it was the first, it has a special place in their hearts.

Malmoe (Malmö) – Sweden’s third largest city was the second city to receive its casino and it was launched December 8:th, 2001 and was that year highly visited after Christmas since many took the opportunity to give away a gambling experience as Christmas gift. This casino is probably the best when it comes to being cozy, the atmosphere is very warm and it feels more like a nice restaurant with gambling than a casino which is a good thing.

Play casino online 

In Sweden, it´s completely legal to visit online casinos that aren´t domestic, Swedish gambling legislation does not permit anyone other than the state to provide gambling within the country but everyone living in Sweden, or visiting Sweden, can play online no matter where that online casino is physically located. As an example, we can mention the very popular Shadow Bet Casino, that is located on Malta but provides slot games and other gambling entertainments in Swedish for Swedish gamblers. The Swedish players who are lucky to win here will also receive 100% tax free winnings which is highly appreciated. The fact that you can win a lot of money playing online, and that all Swedes have the possibility to connect to the internet wherever they are, has made online gambling immensely popular.