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Anonymous Casino Games with Bitcoin at mBit Casino

Over the last decade or more, online casinos have received facelift after facelift resulting in an industry that looks today nothing like it did when online gaming sites first came into existence. In addition to new games and platforms upon which you can play those games, there has been a fundamental shift in the way in which players deposit funds, place bets, and ultimately withdraw their winnings.

Effective Communications

Rebecca Green chats to John Carroll Managing Director Carroll Consulting

Can you provide our readers an insight into what is behind the success of Carroll Consulting?

Upcoming Online Gambling Network




Online Casino Listings.net, or OCL, is a leading online casino review website where players can locate leading casino brands and games, including the games on offer, information relating to security and fairness, customer service and software.

What OCL Offers?

Where Are We Now

JJ Woods Managing Director Atlantic Casino Consultants chats to Glyn Thomas

Can we start with an insight into your career in the Casino Industry?

I started working with slot machines when I was 14 yrs of age at Butlins! I then joined the Bank and worked as a clerk in London till 1981 after which I joined the Casino Industry there and over the last 35 years I have been involved in Casino set-ups Worldwide including, Russia, Central Africa, North Africa, Caribbean, South America and Ireland /UK.

What is the latest situation with the overall gaming legislation in the Republic of Ireland?

Is Staying in the EU the Best Option for Online Casinos?

The UK referendum that will decide whether we stay in the European Union is coming June 23rd, and it appears one industry that wants us to stay is the gaming industry. In the world of free casino games, it appears staying in Europe is the key to their success.

There are many people that think we’d be better off without Europe, that the assumed control that they have over our laws has to stop. These people want Britain to be “great again”, and say that although times may be hard when we first leave, we’ll end up more of a success than ever.

Space & Grace

Glyn Thomas revisits Gran Via Casino, Madrid and talks to Carlos Campos

Back in late 2013 we interviewed Carlos Campos on his new role as general manager at the new Gran Via Casino – a beautiful new casino located in a historic building in Madrid. Some 2 years on we catch up to see how he, and the casino, have fared.

Carlos, you have worked at a number of prestigious casinos in Portugal – Casino da Povoa, Casino Estoril, Casino Lisboa and a Casino da Madeira – but is the Gran Via Casino the pinnacle?

The future looks bright for casino affiliates in Europe

The number of casino affiliates in Europe is staggering, and they are instrumental in driving traffic to the various casino and gambling sites. A successful affiliate can make a ton of money from online gambling, without having to go through the trouble of starting their own online casino or poker site. But a trend is emerging, where the number of actors is decreasing – and this is a good thing for casino affiliates.

One of the Fastest Growing Companies in Gaming

John Connelly & Joč Pececnik sat down with Jack Bulavsky, Special Assignment Correspondent for Casino Life in Las Vegas, to discuss Interblock and the future

Why Millennials Will Gamble!

How to get Millenials into the casino, get them gambling, and keep them there. by: Victor H. Royer 

We all know that millennials are now the largest consumer group in the United States, surpassing even the Baby Boomers. We also know that – collectively – millennials are a bunch of spoiled brats who think they are entitled to everything, but don’t feel obligated to do anything to earn it.

Mission Vision & Values

Mike Rothwell Managing Director Caesars Entertainment UK chats to Peter White

What, in your opinion, are some of the key attributes and characteristics that differentiate Caesars Entertainment UK’s casinos from other casinos in England and Scotland?

Caesars UK casinos typically differ from our competitors in two important respects – the scale of the operation and the breadth and quality of the offer.

Given that our properties, in most cases, have larger footprints, we’ve been able to differentiate through diverse and exciting products which we know appeal to not only existing customers, in each market in which we operate, but also enable us to attract new customers who wouldn’t otherwise visit a UK casino.