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Is there any skill at winning on slots or is it just luck?

The everlasting question for slots lovers. Is there a certain strategy for playing online slots to give you more chances of winning or is it just simple luck that decides it’s a winning day? We can tell you right now on this site that luck is the biggest help you need but there are some tips which can definitely give you an advantage.

Slots payout percentage

First we will explain something about the payout percentage of a video slot. Every slot has a payout percentage which shows how much a slot pays to the player. A payout percentage of 96% means that for every 100 euro bet you will win 96 euro. The other 4 euro will go to the casino. This percentage is over a range of many spins, from 800.000 to So every time you bet 100 euro it doesn't mean that you win 96 euro.

Jackpot slots have a much lower payout percentage (around 91%) because 7-8% of your bet goes to the jackpot contribution. This means that you have less chances of winning but once you win it can be a huge amount with jackpot wins of 10-15 million.

So you need to investigate what kind of slot you choose and take a look at the payout percentage.


Another important aspect is the volatility of a slot. Volatility is the risk factor of a slot and means how many times you will win in a range of spins. A high volatility slot means that you don't win many times but the prizes are high. A low volatility slot means that you win many times but low prizes.

So if you have patience, a high bankroll and want to win big prizes then you need to look for high volatility slots. When you just want to have fun playing slots and want to win many prizes,a low volatility slot is your game.

How do you know the volatility of slots? Some sites offer to play free slots  and show the volatility of the game. This way you know the volatility of the game before you start playing with real money.

Read the features and rules of the game

There are no winning strategies for winning on slots but we always advise you to first read the features a slot offers and the winning combinations. It's not clever to start playing without knowing the game. You wouldn’t put food in the oven without knowing the functionalities of the oven.

Play max bet on jackpot slots

To win a jackpot on a jackpot slot you always need to play max bet otherwise the jackpot win combination might not be valid. And it would be a nightmare to have a jackpot winning combination but not qualify to win those millions.

Know when it's time to stop

If you have won many spins and suddenly this changes into a losing streak it's time to take a break before you end up with a €0 balance. In case this happens don't start depositing more because you want to win back the money you lost. Take your loss and better luck next time.

The video slot is ready to win

Never believe that you bet so much that it's time to win. In land based casinos players play for a long time on the same slot because they believe that after putting so much money the slot has to give wins now. But a video slot works with a random number generator which gives a prize whenever it's time. That could be for you or somebody else and nobody knows when this will happen. So don't count on your calculation that the prize is coming close. In this case it's just luck!

So there is not really a strategy to increase your chances of winning on a video slot. Basically you just need a bit of luck, but you can definitely increase your playtime and fun on a video slot if you know the aspects we’ve detailed above.

Can Casinos improve there Slot Machine performance, whilst doing something nice for slot players at the same time? 

Well Easy – put elevated foot-rests on the underside of the cabinet – either side – and make the “lip” narrower so the player can “put their feet up.” Then move the buttons closer to the edge of the “lip” so the players can push them while leaning back, instead of having to “bend forward” and cramp their bellies in the process, while also straining the lower back at the same time.