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Are gambling scams still common?

Gambling scams have existed since gambling itself began – and while regulators and providers have tried their hardest to improve safety and security, the reality is that scams are not going away any time soon.

A more pertinent question for gamers and providers alike, though, is not whether scams exist but whether they are common – while the evidence suggests that efforts to tackle scams are increasingly successful.

Online Casinos See Rise in Players

The coronavirus pandemic has influenced the daily lives of people across the globe for several months and will continue to do so until a vaccine is ready to be rolled out. With lockdowns and rigid curfews, individuals have been forced to deal with disruptions that have been challenging to deal with. The stress and the boredom of being restricted and unable to find entertainment at sports matches, cinemas, theaters, clubs and other venues have seen social media use rise.

Finding the Best UK Casino Sites

Finding the best UK casino sites is a great way to increase your chances of having fun when playing your favourite games online. Casino sites registered and licensed in the UK have been checked for fairness and transparent gaming. Players also know that personal details are kept secure and money and there is protection against exploitation. Players can be assured that licensed UK casino websites have a good reputation, which encourages new players to join.

Poker player having bigger winnings by cashing out in Bitcoin

With Bitcoin continuing with its rise, successful online punters' earnings are growing even bigger by asking for their winnings to be in cryptocurrencies while cashing out from their respective poker websites.

Winning Poker Network, which is quite famous for operating numerous sites including AmericasCardRoom.EU had to purchase millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin per day from their over-the-counter trading desk more frequently recently just to satisfy the demands their players are currently dishing out for them, according to their Chief Executive Phil Nagy.

Are Some Luckier Than Others With Bets?

For as long as gambling has existed, there’s been the popular notion that luck plays a big role in outcomes. Although statisticians will say one’s chances of winning are fixed, pure chance seems to factor in one’s “lucky” streaks or dry spells.

The truth is that we can make our own luck. No deposit bonuses are a great way to get lucky. If you gamble online, look for no deposit bonus codes in NJ or another state.

Popular Casino Games at Online Casino in Latvia

Do you love playing online casino games in Latvia? Are you worried that you won’t have a variety of choices? Well, you have no reason to worry. Online casinos in Latvia have grown over the years. The platform offers gamblers a large variation of games to explore. Check out the list of popular casino games that are available at lvbet.lv. The best part is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to explore these games. Right on your PC or smartphone, you can play these games for real money.