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Popular Casino Games at Online Casino in Latvia

Do you love playing online casino games in Latvia? Are you worried that you won’t have a variety of choices? Well, you have no reason to worry. Online casinos in Latvia have grown over the years. The platform offers gamblers a large variation of games to explore. Check out the list of popular casino games that are available at lvbet.lv. The best part is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to explore these games. Right on your PC or smartphone, you can play these games for real money.

Will Sports Betting be Available in Every State in the USA in the Future?

You only have to go back to the first half of 2018 to find a time when sports betting was illegal in the United States. There was a federal law in place banning single-game wagering but it was struck down in May 2018. As a result of the new ruling by the Supreme Court, each state can now set its own law for online sports betting.

That means the future of sports betting is in the hands of each individual US state but will sports betting be available in every state in the future?

Live Casino in review: LiveCasino24

The online casino experience can be perplexing, especially if you are a newbie. Making sense of all the games, strategies, bonuses, and everything that comes along with it can be a chore. The situation is made worse if you want to play in the live casino. Live casino games are the perfect mix of everything good about online and walk-in casinos. If only there was a way to learn the right way to play live casino games before joining a casino? Well, there is. This is where Livecasino24 comes in.

Onlineslotsx Celebrates Reaching 500,000 Users On The Platform

OnlineSlotsx is an online service developed to provide gamers with free demo versions of famous slot machines. This December, they celebrate the 500,000th user on their platform that motivates them to get better.

OnlineSlotsX was set up in October 2017 by a few gambling enthusiasts and standard slot game players with the initiative to provide qualified data and reviews about slot machines and online casinos.


There are thousands of online gambling platforms on the internet. The best ones have a particular customer in mind and are trying to attract and keep them. Others are just scams out to separate you from your hard earned money. In the same way, there are many games that you can play on these sites. Making sense of all this can overwhelm. Casino enthusiasts created Onlinegambling24 to help fellow players find the best online gambling platforms, games, and bonuses. This is your expert guide into the world of online casino and sports betting.

Mobile Gaming Can Change The iGaming Industry Forever

Did you know that 2.2 billion people are playing games on their mobile phones in 2020? Games make up 43% of mobile phone applications, and this number continues to increase day by day. Smartphones are indeed a part of our lives, and we use them for entertainment as well as communication. Moreover, mobile phones are such effective tools that they even change the way some industries operate. iGaming is just one of these industries, and it is shaped by the wishes of mobile gamers nowadays.

5 Betting offers every gambler should claim

One of the biggest appeals around joining a particular bookmaker can be the bonuses that are made available. Whether a customer is a new or existing member, there are plenty of different offers available to them to further enhance their betting experience with the casino. However, with so many different betting offers available including some great new UK free bets, what are the five betting offers that every gambler should look to claim?

1. Free Bets