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5 Gambling Blogs You Should Follow

Do you want to be a pro in the world of gambling? Having the proper knowledge and up-to-date information can be the difference you need to get from zero to winner. Fortunately, lots of gambling enthusiasts themselves have set up blogs to help fans of the sport.

Although there are plenty of good ones on the list, we’ve chosen five that stand out. Here are five gambling blogs you should bookmark and read right now!

The Meteoric Rise of Nolimit City Slot Studio

Just two years ago there was only one Australian name associated with the cutting edge of online video slots, and that was Big Time Gaming. Their Megaways™ game engine, the foundation for ground-breaking slots like Bonanza and White Rabbit, has revolutionised the industry. Now, licensing deals with many big studios including NetEnt through their Red Tiger purchase, means that BTG’s expanding reels format is ubiquitous, making them the most popular studio at licensed casinos and slots sites everywhere.

The Most Recognisable Casino Mascots

People are attracted to businesses that focus their efforts on creating a memorable brand that stands out from the crowd.

Branding is about memorable colors, recognizable elements, a distinct tone of voice or a special theme. Mascots are also a big part of a brand identity. Everyone recognizes colonel Sanders and associates him with KFC, and everyone knows Tony the Tiger, the iconic Kellogg brand mascot.

How do Bonus Systems work in a Casino Game?

When a bettor joins any online casino game, the first thing he thinks about is ‘Bonus’. Sometimes, players get into a casino game because of the great bonus points offered by the game. If you are new to online casino games, then you must know about the essentiality of bonus systems and how these work in casino games?

One second, are you thinking that these bonuses are like free-money offered by casino games? Don’t think like that! Here we will explain to you how it is going to work in online casino games.

Top Casino Games to Play Whilst It’s Raining Outside

For many of us, we are currently going through the winter season now. And the unfortunate among us happen to be hit by the rain on a daily basis, or just bad weather in general.

It’s not a great feeling, getting drenched, your jeans getting ruined, walking in wet socks and then having to change your entire outfit and dry your hair when you get back.

So some of us choose to stay indoors instead during these moments, even including weekends that have been ruined by the bad weather. What do you get up during the winter months?

Casino Favorites by Country

Casinos are popular all over the world. Whether online or offline they allow us to relax and have fun. If we're visiting a brick-and-mortar casino we might even be able to fit in a bit of socializing too; they're an important hobby for many of us. Unsurprisingly, the way that countries and cultures think about casinos differs, and one of the most interesting ways that it differs is by the games we like the most. Here are some of the most popular casino games and the countries that most enjoy playing them.

Bitcoin casinos - new trend of gambling

There is an opinion that bitcoin seems to be specially created for online casinos and, due to its capabilities and qualities, is ideal for gambling projects. Let's figure out is it true or not.

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system that uses the unit of account of the same name. To ensure its functioning and protection, cryptographic methods are used. All information about transactions between system addresses is available in open access.

Andar Bahar is now Available at the Online Casinos

The Indian Card Game Andar Bahar is Now Available for Real Money Play at the Online Casinos

While it might be yesterday’s news to some, hearing that Andar Bahar can be played for real money online will come as a happy surprise to many. This card game is an eastern favorite that’s been enjoyed in India for several generations. It’s a luck-based game that is about as basic as it gets, though its simplistic fun is exactly what has made it a big hit in Indian households and why you may love it as well.

What are Online Slots Tournaments?

Those of you who are new to the online casino industry and wish to know more while making deposits for winning more can start by exploring various Canadian casinos for real money. Online casinos offer tons of exciting gambling options such as online slots and online slot tournaments. If you are looking for a simple and straightforward explanation of what online slots tournaments are, how they work and how to find them, stay tuned.

Do eSports Players Have More Chances to Win in Casinos?

Some believe that since both eSports and casino games are forms of gambling, experience in one increases a player’s chances at the other. To an outsider, eSports and gambling do seem similar. However, in reality, there is very little in common between the two, and the skill sets that players need for success in eSports versus casino games are different. Let’s see how so.

Professional Gamblers Are Solo Players