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Palm Desert, California, August 17, 2021.  The Supreme Court of Nebraska has affirmed a $2,990,000 jury verdict for Planet Bingo® against Video King (d/b/a VKGS, LLC) for breaches of contracts and a software licensing agreement.

The lawsuit, filed in the District Court of Douglas County, Nebraska alleged that Video King developed its OMNI Bingo Hall Management System in violation of a series of agreements with Planet Bingo® and Melange.  Under the agreements, Video King received access to Planet Bingo® and Melange’s EPIC™ Bingo Hall Management System under terms of confidentiality that prohibited Video King from misusing or infringing the software.  The jury determined that Video King breached the contracts by reverse engineering EPIC™ in the development of its own competing software system, Omni. The jury awarded Planet Bingo® and Melange $2,990,000 in damages.  Video King subsequently appealed the jury verdict to the Nebraska Supreme Court.  In an opinion issued August 13, 2021 the Nebraska Supreme Court affirmed the $2.99 million dollar jury verdict against Video King for breaching contracts with Planet Bingo®.

Dave Forman from Planet Bingo® said “Planet Bingo® has always been at the forefront of new technologies and developments within the Bingo gaming industry. Protecting our intellectual property is critical to the growth and continued success of our business. We are pleased that the Douglas County jury recognized the importance of our innovations and intellectual property and held Video King liable for violating its agreements and undermining our intellectual property interests.”

Planet Bingo® was represented by Steven Z. Cohen and Aaron E. Silvenis of Cohen, Lerner & Rabinovitz, P.C. in Royal Oak, Michigan along with Patrick R. Guinan of Erickson Sederstrom, P.C., and Nicholas F. Sullivan of Dvorak Law in Omaha, Nebraska.