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France-based casino operator, JOA Group, has achieved certification according to the ECA Responsible Gambling Framework

Brussels, 4 April 2022 – France-based casino operator, JOA Group, has achieved certification according to the ECA Responsible Gambling Framework following an independent audit conducted by Pieter Remmers, Chairman of the Board of G4 (Global Gambling Guidance Group).

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Certification of its 33 casino estate ensures that JOA is operating in adherence with the latest standards in Responsible Gambling upheld by the licensed landbased casinos industry in Europe. “Compliance strengthens the confidence of our customers in our business,” comments Pauline Boyer Martin, Chief Marketing Officer, JOA Group. “It also contributes to the positive image of our industry and that of our company, as the first French group certified at a European level.” Seeking to achieve the goals set forth within the framework, JOA realised it needed to take its own responsible gambling action plans to a new level. “We have put in place e-learning for 100 per cent of the front and back-office teams and we have also implemented training in regards to responsible alcohol policy,” explains Pauline Boyer Martin. “The process is very comprehensive and involves participation from the entire company to meet the certification goals.

Many different teams have been working on the process: the gaming division of course, but also the digital department, HR, the communication teams, the GMs, the compliance team, etc. Certification requires that we consider the customer journey from a new perspective to ensure we offer the best protection to the players who choose to visit our landbased casinos.”

JOA joins an ever-increasing list of ECA members currently certified according to the Responsible Gambling Framework 2018, which includes Casino Cosmopol (Sweden), Casino 2000 (Luxembourg), Spielbanken Niedersachsen, Spielbanken Baden-Württemberg and Spielbanken Sachsen Anhalt (Germany) Holland Casino, Casinos Austria and the Veikkaus casinos in Tampere and Helsinki, with several other leading operators currently undergoing the process of certification. “The continued adoption of the ECA’s Responsible Gambling Framework by our members is a source of pride for the whole land-based gaming sector in Europe,” says Per Jaldung, Chairman of the ECA. “Upholding the highest levels of responsible gambling practices and ensuring our guests experience only the best customers service combined with leading player protection principles is a goal for all members of the association.

We congratulate JOA Group for participating in the process and achieving certification.” Laurent Lassiaz, President and CEO, JOA Group and ECA board member, has been closely involved in the JOA process of certification. “For me, it is key for the future of our industry, that 100 per cent of members adopt the standards because we need to move the lines and show that our industry is virtuous and clean, which is not always the feeling in the general opinion. We must act for the better, for the future.”

The ECA communicates the views of its members across. a wide range of industry critical topics, including anti-money laundering policy, anti-corruption and the fight against illegal gaming. Included within this remit is the responsibility of all land-based operators to ensure player protection is maintained to the highest possible standards. “For JOA, playing is a relaxation and must remain a pleasure. The achievement of this certification, a seal of excellence, is a source of great satisfaction for all JOA Group employees, because it confirms the relevance and soundness of our years-old practices in responsible gaming. It recognises all the efforts that are invested in it.

This certification is a reflection of who JOA is: an innovative and responsible operator. The certification process represents a tremendous amount of work, investment and enthusiasm on the part of the teams, which I am sure will be very proud that JOA is the first French casino operator to obtain this certification at European level,” adds Pauline Boyer-Martin. The main criteria of the ECA Responsible Gambling Framework covers the following topics: • Employee Training • Player Education • Entrance Policies • Stakeholder Engagement • Advertising and Marketing • Research and Awareness Certification is granted to ECA members after an independent third-party audit has been conducted. The ECA Responsible Gaming Framework has been developed with input and leadership from eminent researchers in the field of gambling addiction over several years.

The certification according to this standard is exclusive to members of the European Casino Association. “It is with great pleasure that we carried out the ECA (European Casino Association) Responsible Gambling (RG) Framework audits for JOA. JOA has proven to be an excellent initiator and supporter of the RG policy that they have established and further developed,” added Pieter Remmers, Chairman of the Board of G4 (Global Gambling Guidance Group).

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