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The Rich History of Playing Cards


Playing cards hаvе bееn a source оf play fun fоr centuries. Fоr hundreds оf years, people hаvе been playing wіth thеm аnd еvеn guessing аt thеm! Thеу аrе a trulу international аnd universally knоwn аnd recognized game. Wіth literally hundreds оf variations оf games thаt саn bе played аnd enjoyed аnу number оf players frоm аn individual tо a group. Whаt аrе уоur favorite card games tо play? Thеrе іѕ nо doubt thаt уоu саn thіnk оf оnе rіght аwау. Regardless of the types everyone loves playing card games.

Arrgh! Why am I so UNLUCKY?...Well?!


It's true. Just as I moved ( after 10 years ) from being an engineer to a career in sales there was a recession!...Then a decade later just when I was becoming a City trader (No experience necessary) there was another one...Then (another 10 years) I joined Reuters just as another slow down was spoiling everything. And so it has continued....poor me!

Three Netent music themed slot games


Online slots have won the hearts and minds of players from all over the world with their simplicity, high potential payouts and great visuals. Leading software developers produce mobile-friendly games that look spectacular and their finest creations also tell a story. There is an abundance of games inspired by Hollywood blockbusters and in recent years, there has been a surge in the number of music themed slots. While there are hundreds out there and many are worth a shot, these three Netent music-themed slot games listed below are probably the best choice.

Top 5 Games in 2018


It is always fascinating to see what grips the imagination of the players, and while slot games are still popular, there will be favourites that seem to capture the hearts of many players. In 2018 millions of players took to the slots and WhichCasino reviews the top five games played during the year, maybe some new ones for you to try.


Why the AAMS license is so important to the Italian gambling market?

Guarantees for the player

When choosing an online sports betting portal there are some essential parameters to consider to make your entertainment safe. Among all the certifications that should be present when you surf a gambling website, pay attention to the AAMS logo, the acronym that certifies and ensures the legality for safe play, both for players who have registered on the website and for betting operators.