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New Business Plan Published by UKGC


The UK Gambling Commission are very well known and respected in the UK gambling industry and so their recent publication is one of note. The new business plan for 2019-20 outlines their focus on protecting consumers of online casino content and the regulations that they have.

Here, we are going to look at the new business plan in more detail. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more about the people who regulate the gambling industry in the UK.

Who Are The UKGC?

Sports Books lose, Tiger Woods wins

My biggest golf loss ever was 9 balls playing the 18-holes of Royal Troon's Old Course — what a links course that is. Narrow fairways, undulating ground (see the etymology of links), heather (unplayable) and gorse (impregnable). Add in a 'wee sea breeze' as they say in my native Scotland and Royal Troon's Old Course is a nightmare for us mere mortal golfers.



We would like to share some of the impressive opinions of our visitors of Zitro’s booth at FIJMA19:

“You have created a new game trend in the Gaming Halls and Bingo throughout Spain.”

“I’ve never seen such a large and imposing display of machines.”

“Your Sign has marked a new line of design that dresses the rooms.”

“They have never served us as well as your commercial and technical team; always attentive to our needs.”

Galaxy of Opportunity


Rory Credland Event Director Japan Gaming Congress Chats with Peter White

Japan’s Government is constantly announcing new legislation, will attendees have the advantage at JGC to gain the most accurate interpretation and explanations of these guidelines and laws?