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The Games Bringing the Classic Fruit Machine Experience to the Internet


Slot machines, or as the British vernacular goes, ‘fruit machines,’ are by far the most popular games at land-based and online casinos, which explains why websites and casino floors boast slots in the hundreds. Even the newest, most high-end land-based casinos have thousands of slot machines ready for patrons to spin for the win.

Meet the New Face of Sherwood Valley Casino, TV Celebrity and World Traveler Barry Weiss

Willits, CA June 4, 2019

Sherwood Valley Casino today announced that media celebrity and world-famous collector Barry Weiss has entered into a marketing agreement to be the brand ambassador and spokesperson for the off-beat Northern Californian casino, located next to Hwy 101 in the town of Willits, California. The local’s casino is known for being fun and friendly in a neighborly way.

Common beginner mistakes to avoid in poker


For beginners, every mistake costs them an entire stack. Sometimes, you don't tend to take the magnitude into account. So, even a small mistake which may not come into your consideration of mistakes might cost you a small pot which is again a part of your large stack. Mostly, people don't tend to correct these mistakes which leads to an aggravation of that mistake again. These kinds of mistakes don't happen often but cost you a small pot every time which get expensive in the long run.