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Online Betting in Finland

Finland is located in Northern Europe near Sweden, Norway, and Russia. It is considered as the best country because of their education system, they have the cleanest air, and one of the best sights for Northern lights.

The Finns are fascinated by entertainment including gambling. All forms of gambling in Finland have been controlled by the government since the 1930s. Slot games arrived in the country in the 1920s until many private companies used slot machines as business which prompted the government to close them down and make gambling available to charity institutions only. Later RAY (Raha automaattiyhdistys) or Finland’s first slot machine association was introduced to govern and supervise all gambling in Finland. This entity was authorized to license and manage all gambling activities in the country.

For many years, gambling in Finland remained unchanged until the Lotteries Act of 2001 was regulated. This legislation reorganized all gambling activities including poker industries to ensure that the government should be the top priority.

Virtual gambling is one of the most popular online industries nowadays and many casino operators introduce their business in the online market. Unfortunately having a sophisticated advertisement online cannot guarantee the legitimacy of the online site. For guaranteed fun and excitement in online gambling also known as  “rahapelit netissä” in Finland, you can check the website of Kasinohai.

Gambling Rules in Finland at Present

Currently, both land-based and online gambling is state-controlled and monopolized by the three entities assigned by their government.

·  Ray or Raha-automaattiyhdistys

The pioneer among entities and oversee land-based casinos, slot machines, and roulette. It is also the provider and authorize license for brick and mortar casinos all over the country including the provinces.

Recently another legit land-based casino was opened in Tampere, the Tampere Casino as announced by Veikkaus Oy, a Finnish-betting-owned agency. Tampere Casino offers electric table games, classic table games, automated roulette, and slot machines.

Finland now has two legal brick-and-mortar casinos, one in Tampere and the other one in the capital of the land, the Helsinki casino.

·  Veikkaus Oy

This entity is responsible for the national lottery, instant win games, and sports betting.

·  Fintoto Oy

It is responsible for the marketing, the pari-mutuel horse racing, and organizing horse race betting. Everything pertaining to a horse race is under the direct supervision of Fintoto Oy which includes scheduled race, meeting dates, and taking care of the horses’ rights. They also offer service to the bettors as well as queries.

·        Alands Penningautomatförening or PAF

It is responsible for all operations on the island of Alands, both online casino games in the land and cruise ships near the North and Baltic seas. All websites that are operated by the PAF are accessible in the entire land of Finland.

Important things we have to know about gambling in Finland

1. The government of Finland doesn’t see eye to eye with the European Union because of the issue of monopoly on gambling. The EU was asking the government to be lenient to the foreign operators. Unfortunately, the government is firm with its decision.

2. Majority of the profits gained in gambling will go to charities, sporting events, and social projects such as arts, science, and the funding in education.

3. Consider yourself very lucky if you win any gambling games in Finland because they are 100% tax-free therefore, you can absolutely enjoy it.

4. The four entities assigned by the government to oversee all gambling matters in the land existed to protect the people’s welfare. They exist so they will be able to monitor the gambling habits of the people and control them.

5. Finland forbids advertisements of any form may it be on the internet, television, or newspaper coming from offshore. However, the Finns are allowed to wager in any foreign online casinos since it is not in the law.

Final Insight:

Finland accepted and embraced gambling wholeheartedly but they have restrictions. Their goal is to protect their people from wagering but they are lenient also in some ways that people can still enjoy wagering.