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Interview with casino2k Italian

Casino Life Interview with  Salvatore Martorana Co-Founder and Author of Casino2K

What are the key benefits gained by to visitors Casino2K?

Casino2K guarantees all its readers unbiased reviews and high-quality content. Our editors are all professional writers with a passion for casino games. Casino2K can provide information about the latest games, newest casinos, most interesting bonuses and we also help players via our Forum.

    What are amongst the key features of the Casino2K website that are most popular with visitors?

Our readers highly appreciated our bonus guides, as much as our casino reviews. We also offer and extensive slot section, with free DEMOs. This way the users have the possibility of trying out the games, before depositing. Last, but not least, our Forum: besides discussing most recent releases or new casinos, the forum allows our users to reach out to us in order to get help when having problems with casino operators. Within the years we have been able to help many players with issues, such as withdrawing the money from the casino or receiving the appropriate customer support they deserved.

    Can you tell us more about what development we can expect to Casino2K in the months and years ahead?

Casino2K is an authority within the gambling news space. We always strive to be one of the first sources to deliver any newsworthy activities within the casino industry. For example, a hot topic currently is the Italian reality that cryptocurrencies can not be used as a payment method. However, there is a lot of movement about this legislation and Casino2K is following it very closely in order to provide its readers news about it as soon as something relevant happens.

    How important is responsible Gambling for your organisation?

Responsible Gambling is the core of our Organization. As you might know, in Italy there is a strong legislation when it comes to online casinos. AAMS/ADM – the Italian licensees – guarantee the players a safe and trusted environment to play in. Therefore we, at Casino2K, make sure to promote exclusively casinos holding an AAMS/ADM license.

    When was Casino2K launched and how has the domain evolve over the years?

 We launched Casino2K over a decade ago and faced many changes since. When we started, .com casinos were still available in Italy and the Market was pretty wild. As much as it was “good” for the casinos, it could have been bad for players who were easily tricked. We were already actively helping the users both finding reliable information about the casinos and guiding them on how to play casino online. As the AAMS/ADM’s regulations came into effects, things drastically changed and Casino2K changed with it.  

 How important is design and layout of a website such as Casino2K?

In today’s world, design and layout are key points in any website. In a competitive Industry though, this can really make the difference. This is why we always update our portal, not only in terms of content, but graphics too. We want to provide our readers with a great UX via an informative and easy to understand website.

    For readers whom are yet to visit Casino2K what would you like to say to them as to why they should check it out?

Very simple. We are the best source of information when it comes to Italian gaming. If you want to know anything related to legal casinos in Italy, be updated about anything newsworthy or get support from a big, local community, then we are your perfect solution.  We invite anyone to check us out. It's as easy as typing the URL Casino2K.com into your browser. Our experts, who by the way, love to play themselves, are providing the most comprehensive guide for Italian speakers. And if you don't speak Italian, feel free to just use a translator tool to translate it to English.