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How to Take Advantage of Online Casino Bonuses


Before the noughties, online casinos held more of a liberal view when it came to giving away casino bonuses that players could benefit from over and over. At the time, blackjack was one one of the more profitable games and the combination of bonuses and online blackjack made many players some very significant profits.

"A blackjack hand at the casino" (CC BY 2.0) by Images_of_Money

With bonus hunting, players need to assess just how advantageous the promotion is to them. Let’s delve into that more here.

Is the bonus cashable?

This is one of the more critical factors when it comes to deciding whether to say “yes” to the cash bonus or not. Many casinos have such terms as the cash deposit being played before using bonus money.

Then there’s also the issue of wagering requirements. This is the number of times a player is required to play a bonus before he can withdraw funds. The majority of wagering requirements begin at 30x. Some casinos offer wager-free bonuses, however.

No-deposit bonuses

Most casinos provide just one no-deposit bonus option while others offer a number of options that typically feature varying amounts, maximum cash-outs, or playthrough.
While no-deposit bonuses won’t make you a millionaire overnight, it’s free and provides a great way to check out the casino. Of course, it also gives you a chance to win money at no risk to you.

It can be time-consuming when visiting each casino to find out what the bonuses are and then it's hard to remember which offers are which when it's time to compare. That's why comparison sites such as Bonus.ca exist: they show details on numerous casinos at a glance, bonuses included. Some of these sites even include tips on exactly what to do to claim these bonuses, such as Bonus.ca's 5 steps to playing with real money online. Of course, the first thing you need to decide on is which bonus is right for you.

Free spins

"RH3188 Slots" (CC BY 2.0) by FolsomNatural

Spins are fast and when they don’t cost you anything, they’re even more fun to play. Plus, you can win a sizeable amount of money within seconds.

You simply need to open an account for free with the casino that looks right for you, accept the free spins offer, then choose your slot and play the reels.

If you’re lucky enough, you might just end up an overnight millionaire from a single free spin. It isn’t unheard of for people to have done just that and completely turn their life around. Even if you don’t win millions, you could still walk away with a few, or even hundreds of, dollars. Whatever the amount, spinning the reels is quick and easy.


If your aim is to make profits risk free, looking for casino bonuses can provide extra value. With extra bonus money to play for, your overall winning odds are increased. And with plenty of casinos to choose from online, there’s a wealth of value from which you can benefit.

It’s crucial, however, that you gain an understanding of which bonuses will give you the best value. The biggest bonuses aren’t always the best and some with a low perceived value afford you the best chance of meeting the criteria.

With just a little bit of luck, you can easily come out on top.