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Casino Resorts: Are They Still Relevant Now?

Casino resorts have long been popular attractions for gambling enthusiasts but is this still the case in today’s modern landscape? Online casinos are growing in popularity and casino resorts need to adapt to remain relevant.

Casino resorts aren’t for everyone and the shift towards the digital era has led to online casino staking over the industry. The flexibility and convenience of an online casino cannot be rivalled and there are many other things drawing people to online platforms. Whether you’re looking for an online casino in Malaysia or are after a poker platform to play late-night tournaments, there is something for everyone online.

The following article will explore some of the ways in which casino resorts are making changes to stay relevant as well as detailing the online alternative that many people are favouring.

How Casino Resorts Are Adapting

Adaptation occurs naturally in every industry but the pandemic has accelerated that in many sectors including casino resorts. Of course, many of the recent innovations within the casino industry predate the pandemic but have been a welcome edition nonetheless. 

This section will go into further detail about some of the ways casino resorts have made changes in order to stay relevant.

Touchless Technology

The idea of reducing contact has been brought to the fore by the pandemic and has become all the more important as a result. However, premium hotels and casino resorts were already working on new technology to make touchless a reality. 

A combination of different technological advancements has helped achieve this. Motion sensors and voice commands are two of the most sophisticated ways these casinos have managed to get around touch-focused tech. This has made the casino experience smarter and more seamless, allowing guests to effortlessly take control without needing to touch anything. It almost goes without saying that this is also incredibly hygienic

Furthermore, another touchless technology innovation in casino resorts and hotels is keyless access to rooms and doors. Swiping your phone can now unlock things negating the need for keycards and keys. 

Facial Recognition Reward Cards

Facial recognition has been around for a few years in mainstream technology and that has permeated to luxury casino resorts. This tech is being implemented to replace loyalty cards and taking added steps out of the casino-going experience. 

Facial recognition allows guests to instantly be recognised and potentially presented with rewards without needing to take any sort of action. Not only is this easier but it can also lead to a more personalised experience. Gaming machines can welcome them by name and staff will know where to take drink orders.

In addition, guest data can help contribute to a more personal experience thanks to promotions and offers based on your activity. Facial recognition makes all future visits more seamless and encourages people to return to casino resorts.


If you visit a casino resort these days you may come across a lot of robotic hospitality features. Robot bellmen, butlers, and concierge are becoming commonplace and bring with them a  lot of advantages over human hospitality in these areas.

For starters, these robots can interact in any language they are programmed in which makes them very inclusive and convenient for foreign visitors. You may also find robots in food prep and delivery among the most sophisticated casino resorts. 

Integrated Apps

Online gambling and gaming apps are nothing new but they have gained rapid popularity in the past few months and years. However, the world of brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos is merging somewhat with the novelty of integrated apps becoming popular in casino resorts. 

Smartphone apps are being developed to improve the customer experience and encourage visitors to book, check-in, open rooms, and make reservations via a dedicated app. What’s more, visitors can make drinks and food orders or even customise parts of their stay. Visitors to casino resorts don’t need to make the trek down to a reception in order to book luxury suites or arrange spa experiences thanks to these dedicated apps.

Casino Resorts Final Thoughts

Hospitality in casino resorts has seen a lot of development in recent times to maintain its relevance. Although their appeal may be somewhat waning due to the popularity of online platforms, there is still room for the industry.

The experience of a casino resort is hard to replicate online and the personalised experience being offered in-person can rival the online version. In terms of convenience, there is only one winner but for now, at least, casino resorts are here to stay. However...

Alternatives to Casino Resorts

The selection of casino games cannot be matched by a brick-and-mortar casino. There are hundreds of top developers creating games released on a regular basis and accessible via thousands of different platforms. In addition, these online casinos will offer fantastic sign-up offers in order to grab your interest. You aren’t limited to just one so you can take advantage of these as long as you read the terms and conditions carefully.

The vast majority of new games are available to play on mobile and tablet devices as well laptops and desktop computers. Mobile-optimised games and dedicated apps make online casinos versatile and convenient to play whether you are as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Another big drawer to online casinos is the simple payment methods and speed. The best online casinos have a range of deposit methods available including debit and credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and more. Cryptocurrency is becoming more prevalent and offers many advantages such as more lenient limits and faster withdrawals. 

Many online casino brands also offer sports betting alongside their casino games. Signing up to these platforms will grant you access to their betting markets and selections and can be a nice way to combine the two. In-play betting and cashing out can make this more hands-on and adds another element to online gambling. 

These platforms are trustworthy and reliable as long as they are fully licensed by a respected regulatory body.