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Executive Connections with Recruiting by Marie Maher International


Damien Connelly chats to Marie Maher Founder Recruiting by Marie Maher and Peter White Partner Global Business Development, about how their Executive Search Firm is helping companies to grow strategically within the fast-paced Leisure Gaming Industry

Marie Maher, could we commence with a brief history of the company and your experience prior to setting up the organization?

MM: Of course, with pleasure. I feel my business career has led me directly toward my current activities as president and owner of Marie J. Maher Consulting & Recruiting, an international executive-search firm. My postgraduate degree is a Ph.D. in Business Administration with a specialty in Organizational Development. My work experience includes being the CEO of four companies working in international economic development, and being a professor for six universities. About 20 years ago, I entered the casino industry in the field of organizational development and enjoyed it tremendously from the first day. As a result of client requests, I began my recruiting firm. A solid understanding of business, combined with a depth of knowledge in the industry, provides me, I believe, with a sharp eye toward executive talent.

What sectors do you specialise in recruiting for?

MM: We focus upon the industries of casino gaming and hospitality, including lodging, resorts, dining, and entertainment venues such as nightclubs, theme parks, and amusement enterprises.

In addition to Peter White, can you provide details on the other members of your team, involving their various skills and experience?

MM: I have a remarkable team, deep in talent and experience. Ron Olshemski comes from a lengthy career in gaming floor management and understands from personal experience the skills needed in the fast-paced casino operation. Scott McKinlay is an award-winning Information technology professional. Cal Mukumoto has specific expertise in business turnarounds and strategic planning. He has served on the Boards of six tribal government entities and is chairman of the Parks & Recreation Commission for the State of Oregon in the United States. Shelia Kidd MBA is a college professor and handles special projects.

One would easily conclude that you would have had the opportunity of bringing on-board to your organization many very well connected executives in the industry. So why Peter White?

MM: Since I first met Peter, I have been impressed with his comprehensive depth of knowledge and understanding in gaming and hospitality. When I realized that the international market was driving me forward to global expansion, I wanted the most savvy person I could find to represent us around the world. Without doubt, Peter is that person. He has insight, great intelligence, and a depth of experience I feel is unmatched. He has a knowledge which can be gained only from first-hand interaction with industry decision makers.

How do you assist operators in recruiting the right people for their organization?

MM: My firm is focused upon really knowing our industries in depth. We do not simply go into the marketplace searching for people with similar job titles and recruit them. Instead, we strive to fill a specific niche with the strongest candidate. We will work with the property to understand what exactly is their need. Once we do so, we then engage meaningfully with potential candidates. I very much see our work as an external partnership with the Human Resources function of the client property in every way. We hold all confidence tightly and we strive to please and provide maximum satisfaction.

What are the key aspects of Recruiting by Marie Maher that make it stand out from other executive search organizations?

MM: Having run very large Human Resources departments myself, I know that a hiring manager does not simply need a stack of resumes. Instead, he or she needs the right candidates. I select each candidate carefully to ensure a probable good hiring fit for company and candidate. Also, my firm is based upon three deeply rooted values: professionalism, respect and genuine kindness. To me and to my team, each person is worthy of dignity, appreciation and respect.

What assurances do you provide clients with regards to the standards of service your organization provides?

MM: I have chosen to work on a contingency basis, hence no fee is ever charged unless a candidate is hired. Once they are hired, there is an extensive period of time during which either the candidate or the hiring employer can end the employment and I will replace the position with no additional fee.

You are located in the U.S. How international is Recruiting by Marie Maher?

MM: We are truly international, with over 45,000 qualified candidates in our deep database from every country in the world. We recruit for employers globally. From my small mountain cabin in southwestern United States, I travel the world everyday through the Internet, and meet fascinating and delightful business leaders daily.

Peter has built up an extensive level of experience in the gaming industry over 18 years and chats here about his new role as partner at Recruiting by Marie Maher.

PW: Over a period of nearly two decades I have established relationships with leading international casinos from Manila, Las Vegas and Macau to Monaco, London and Marrakech, at both management and CEO level.

What has been the reaction from the industry to your new role?

PW: I have been very impressed with the level of goodwill and positive reaction from the casino industry to this new role, which has been wonderful.

Why this role, and why now?

PW: Over the course of my 18-plus years in the casino industry, I have seen the challenges involved in recruitment and feel that the time is right to use my knowledge, experience, and contacts to assist our industry.

What experience do you bring to the role?

PW: I have the experience of the leisure entertainment and gaming sector, and a good understanding of challenges of the roles they are looking to fill.

What is your approach with clients?

PW: A detailed conversation with clients right at the start of the process helps everyone to make sure they’re on the same page and all objectives are understood. I then develop with the client an appropriate plan to support their recruitment needs, which we swiftly put into action utilizing our very extensive industry contacts in the U.S., Europe and worldwide.

What are your aims and ambitions with this new role?

PW: Essentially, I see my role as more of a facilitator whom assists the casino operators I know in gaining the best-caliber personnel for their resort and casino operations around the world. If your organization needs personnel in the casino and or hotel, restaurant or bar, please contact us and we will be only too glad to assist. Contact emails:- marie@mariejmaher.com & peterwhite@ mariejmaher.com