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A Perfect Holiday Destination

Sophie Behan chats to Ricky (F.) Tromp, Director of Casino Operations at Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort Spa & Casino and Chairman for the Aruba Casino Association

When did the Casino first open and who opened it?

The Casino first opened on November 12, 1990 and was inaugurated by our GM Mr. Carlos Cabrera, nowadays SVP - All Inclusive Operations Regional Operations.

Have you met many famous and/or interesting people that have visited the casino? If so who? What, if any, memorable moments do you have of that time?

We had the honour to host many famous soccer players from the Netherlands, as well as celebrities from the USA. On an annual basis we support and sponsor several music festivals, such as Soul Beach Music Festival, Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival and Summer Festival that bring many celebrities to the destination.

Play Your Cards right


Denmark’s online casino market has continued to evolve with several changes made to the Danish Gambling Act. 

Danish Online Casino Legislation: History and Forecast

The country is among the few European nations to have a successful formula in regulating online gambling, which is evident from gross gaming revenues released by Spillemyndigheden or Danish Gaming Authority (DGA). In the fourth quarter of 2016 the gross gaming revenue for online betting was 356 M DKK or 64.5% of the betting market. Online casinos alone accounted for 1,564 M DKK in 2016. Overall, Denmark’s gambling market gross gaming revenue recorded DKK8.9 billion in 2016, which was a 6% rise from the previous year.

One of the major changes in regulatory provisions for offshore online casino operators came in May 2011. The DGA began to allow part of the licensee’s operations to be located outside the country. This was in line with other European jurisdictions where it was not mandatory for online gaming servers to be located in the country in order to be licensed.

Advancing On All Fronts

Interview in Vladivostok with Craig Ballantyne, General Director of Tigre de Cristal

This month we make our way out to Vladivostok, Russia’s Frontier Town on the Pacific to speak with Craig Ballantyne, General Manager at Tigre de Cristal.

Tigre de Cristal is the first casino to open in the Primorye Krai Integrated Entertainment Zone, on Russia’s Far East coast.

Could you give us a little background on the start of gaming in Primorye Krai, and more specifically the position of Tigre de Cristal.

The Choice is Endless

From the days when gambling online, or gambling at all for that matter, was depicted as rather shady to today, where millions of people enjoy a bet or wager either in a bricks and mortar or online regularly, slots have always been popular.

Because of the rapid advancement by software developers together with the design features of the hardware, we can now buy relatively cheaply, a whole range of mobile devices on different operating systems to suit our needs. This advancement has been further enhanced by the more reliable and faster internet connection most people enjoy today.

This means if you are going to play online slots then your experience will be nothing like it was in the early days. If you can wind back before we had anything like the smartphone then you will probably remember the Nokia and 'Snake'?  In fact you can still get Snake on your smartphone if you are feeling nostalgic!

Play Cosmo: Part of the new wave of online gaming sites

After being announced in December last year, Play Cosmo went online in February 2017 to rave reviews. At first glance, it’s nothing special. After all, there are no live dealers or stunning graphics. 

Yet Play Cosmo is part of a step change in the way online casinos can operate. Back in 2014, Adweek announced that CashBet were launching real-money gaming tools in the UK.

Founded in 2012, CashBet develops and supplies software and marketing tools for fledgling operators seeking to make their mark in the industry. Prior to this, (with some exceptions) it was largely only name brands with the financial power to set up secure, competitive sites that could be sure of gaining a foothold in the online gambling industry.    

What’s With the Candy Obsession?

We all remember the gargantuan hit that was Candy Crush Saga as for a while it was everywhere you looked and everyone seemed frenzied panic to crush candy. Brought to us in 2012 by games developer King, this match-three puzzler is considered one of the first and most successful games spawning the model we now call freemium, where players can progress through the game without spending any money, but revenues can be made from players who wish to pay for special features or actions. There are some impressive Candy Crush Saga stats out there, but the one that really captures the attention is the 550 million monthly active players it had in early 2015. Although figures seem likely to drop at some point, as we're five years after the initial boom, these numbers are still impressive.

Games Without Frontiers

Interview in Cairo by Glyn Thomas who chats to Scott Cowan, Managing Director, Inter Casino Management (EGYPT) Limited

Scott as you know Casino Life Magazine takes great pride in interviewing leading industry CEO’s and Senior Level Management to better understand both the companies that they work for or own, as well as what are the key attributes for their success. Please tell our readers about yourself and your role at Caesars Entertainment.

I have been in the gaming industry for 34 years starting in the homelands in South Africa and have since worked around the world in both land based gaming as well as a short stint in online and SMS lottery. My current role is Managing Director of ICM which is a part of Caesars Entertainment (EMEA), looking after the three properties we have in Egypt, developing those businesses and growing them year on year as well as looking for potential new opportunities in the region.

Strength in Versatility

By Tracy Damestani, CEO, NCF

On 23rd May last year senior members of NCF made a series of presentations on the future of the casino industry, and the regulatory regime which governs it, to a group of Parliamentarians. The event was an opportunity to set out our stall and articulate the case for change. The ideas discussed were well received, underpinned as they were by strong social responsibility credentials. But whilst we expected those in the room to be broadly sympathetic we were also aware that any tinkering with gambling policy would be a tough political decision and the path to change would likely be slow, painstaking and bumpy. But we were prepared for the long-haul; operating within a political landscape where we could look far into the horizon with, we thought, a degree of clarity.

Simon Thomas, CEO, The Hippodrome Casino

Like the Government, the Hippodrome Casino - along with the entire UK sector - strongly supports a healthy gambling industry. An industry that generates investment and employment and provides a safe gaming environment for all.

This is why I am heartened by its Review of Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures and its intent to ensure a proper balance between socially responsible growth and the protection of consumers and the wider communities.

It’s time for some bold, headline-grabbing, fundamental changes.