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Velvix Launches Premium Cabinet Product “CurlX” into North American Market

21 February 2022 (Los Angeles, CA) Gaming hardware and software manufacturer Velvix has announced the launch of their premium cabinet product, “CurlX”, into the North American market.

The cabinet is part of a series of three individual cabinets products, offering some of the latest in design aesthetics and usability. Launching in Q3 2022, Velvix’s “CurlX” product will offer a top-line experience for players. The cabinet includes a 43-inch C-curve screen that will project in 4K resolution, including touch screen functionality on the main screen. The button deck is almost completely virtual, sans a single press button. All digital buttons offer fully configurable bet configurations. Adjacent to the virtual button
deck is a wireless charging unit for players to rest their devices on for an automatic charge.

The cabinets topper screen is 27-inch full HD display.The “CurlX” cabinet product will be available to North American casino operators from June 2022. It will be marketed alongside Velvix’s “Climax” and “Twimax” products, each offering portrait and landscape gaming experiences, respectively.

About Velvix LLC
Velvix LLC is part of the XSGroup and was founded in 2019 as part of the rebranding of the group’s electronic gaming machine (EGM) division. Based in Los Angeles, California, Velvix is a developer of both EGM cabinets and software for the North American markets. With client management and logistics support throughout the United States, Velvix offers state-of-the-art, attractive hardware technology with exciting game titles that include themes that fit both Eastern and Western audience tastes. The company prides itself on customer service and fast turnaround, allowing player and client feedback to directly translate into the development of new and exciting game titles.