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UK Gambling White Paper: "encouraging sign", comments Better Change

Gibraltar – 05 May 2023 "Better Change (Gibraltar) Limited welcomes of the release of The Government White Paper.

The introduction of the statutory levy is an encouraging sign, while the White Paper’s intentions to bring regulation in line with decades of digitalisation is overdue. We also recognise, however, that this is only one step in working towards new legislation which will revitalise our sector.

"For too long, political differences have created a counterproductive split between providers of treatment, education and research. It is our hope that the statutory levy will bring together organisations in the sector and that collaboration can be at the heart of getting individuals the help and support they need.

"A review of online stake limits and a move to level the playing field with offline providers is long overdue. The reputation of the offline gambling sector has been unfairly tarnished by stories of runaway and life changing losses of those gambling on online sites where there are currently no limits. A move to put sensible limits in place across the board to protect players, especially the young and vulnerable, is welcome.

"In relation to player protection checks, any gambling legislation must be made for the benefit of the consumer. We need to empower a sector to act decisively and confidently to promote positive play, which includes responsible use of bonuses and swift action when potential harm is identified."

About Better Change (Gibraltar) Limited

Better Change exists to be the driving force for change in the gambling industry. We believe that everyone, players and operators alike, must be able to reach their full potential, free from the grips of gambling harm.