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theLotter Reports Millions of Foreign Players for US Powerball and Mega Millions this Week

LONDONJan. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- theLotter.com, which provides online access to lotteries around the world since 2002, reports significant growth in 2020. The company also experiences the most significant influx in recent weeks with millions of Europeans, South Americans and Africans purchasing tickets for US Powerball and Mega Millions. This is due to the fact that US Powerball and Mega Millions currently offer more than $1.5 billion in jackpots combined. These jackpots have not been seen in 18 months, and, at a time when many traditional businesses are suffering from widespread lockdowns, the company reports unheard of traffic worldwide.

"We enable people worldwide to play their favourite lottery games from home and 2020 has been booming as more and more people search for online alternatives to their local shops. In the past few days, we're really seeing an astonishing number of visitors on our website, including many from Africa," says TheLotter's spokesman Adrian Cooremans.

"Right now, the $850 million US Mega Millions and the $730 Million jackpot US Powerball offers, are proving incredibly popular with players worldwide. The overall influx has also helped create new winners in Mexico, the Middle East and India."

theLotter provides ticket messenger services for dozens of trusted lotteries around the world. Its websites allow a customer to choose the lottery they wish to play, regardless of where they live, and official lottery tickets are purchased on their behalf from a licensed retailer. The customer then receives a scanned copy in their account, which proves their ownership of the ticket. All prizes are paid out commission-free. theLotter utilises advanced security measures and strictly abides by the rules of the lotteries it offers services for. Third-party controls on the site prevent minors from playing.

theLotter is licensed by the Maltese Gaming Authority and has recently added a country-specific license in Sweden. In 2020, the company helped facilitate the claiming of millions of dollars in wins in the US alone, and it reached a milestone in the summer when it surpassed the $100 million milestone - $100 million being the total amount of wins paid out since the company's inception.