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Sports Betting Operator Formula 1 Las Vegas Edition

This November (2023), Las Vegas will be hosting Formula One’s Grand Prix, predicted to be the most significant sporting event in the city’s history. Many expect the F1 event to exceed even the upcoming Super Bowl which will be held at Allegiant Stadium in February (2024).
Welcome to the 8th edition of Sports Betting Operator Magazine, a leading voice in the B2B sports betting market. The excitement level here in Las Vegas for these two events at the highest level. These events will surely be a test on the city’s hospitality sector, as well as the traffic grid.
David McKee’s article “A Full Speed” does well in covering the history of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Though Sin City hosted the F1 event in 1981 and 1982, expectations are much greater for this year’s event. David’s story is a valuable read.
When covering sports and sports wagering in Las Vegas, the downtown Circa Resort is always first to mind. David McKee follows on with a story about Circa and it’s owner, Derek Stevens. His dreams and vision lead to this amazing property that has helped revitalize the Vegas downtown. The article “Loaded For Bear” discusses the CIrca’s sports betting, their work with responsible gambling, and even how they’re preparing for the upcoming Grand Prix.
Progressing from Circa’s discussion on Responsible Gaming, SBO moves into an article on “Getting it Right”, and how responsible-gaming messaging is at the bedrock of the industry’s approach to the American market. David McKee connects with directors at both Fanduel and the American Gaming Association to discuss getting the RG message across, along with the general industry response.
SBO has a conversation with Matt Primeaux, President of Hard Rock Digital regarding the upcoming Super Bowl (Feb 2024). “Between a Hard Rock and a Super Bowl” discusses the pattern and volume of betting as the iconic annual game approaches. Having the game in Las Vegas for the first time will be both a challenge and an event well worth experiencing.
The State of Ohio had recently introduced sports betting, and has run into several issues relating to mis-calculations and unforced errors. As the article’s headline indicates, it has been a bumpy road for sports betting in Ohio, which has made the start a very risky and costly endeavor for several sports betting companies.
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Bill Healey Managing Editor 
Sports Betting Operator