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SMPL Consulting and Wander Announces Joint Venture Offering Best-in-Class iGaming Recruitment Services

United Kingdom, June 20, 2023SMPL Consulting Ltd, an iGaming specialist consultancy and Wander, a purpose and people-led recruitment and executive search company, announced today a joint venture to bring Wander’s refreshing approach to recruitment product, process, and pricing to the iGaming industry, with a particular focus on mid, senior and exec-level opportunities. 

This joint venture will see the two companies utilise the iGaming knowledge, passion and understanding and network of SMPL Consulting, as well as their passion for the people and cultures that make this industry tick, and partner it with Wander’s unbeatable knowledge of the end-to-end recruitment process, their exceptionally refreshing commercial model and their absolute belief in improving the world through the people we hire to deliver a recruitment and executive search partnered-service that’s unbeatable within the industry. 

Key details about this joint venture:

  • We don’t believe in candidates or clients, nor do we reduce people to numbers; we believe in being partners, matching humans to businesses. 
  • Exclusively-worked roles receive our ‘Partnership Fees’ - recruitment quality without charging a fortune. 
  • A fairer, relationship-led, people-led, ethic-led recruitment and executive search service where all parties - partners, job seekers, industry, and recruiter - can win. 
  • Our aim is to improve the standards of the iGaming and recruitment industries, one person at a time. 
  • We give back to the industry through our charitable profit sharing, focusing on areas of problem gambling and environmental issues.

“I’m thrilled to be able to introduce and facilitate Wander’s entry into the iGaming industry,” Simon Pilkington, SMPL Consulting’s founder, says of the joint venture. “Ricky and I share many personal values and believe we can make a positive impact on the industry through the people and businesses we work with. iGaming recruitment, like many industries, has been in status quo for too long at a time when the world has changed dramatically - there’s a huge space for fairer, partner-led, and ethic-led recruitment where all parties can win. Wander is that solution.” 

Ricky Wilkes, the founder and MD of Wander added, “In a recruitment landscape driven by algorithms and automation, it’s easy to forget the impact of a deliberate, considered and thoughtful approach, where taking the time to understand individuals and build genuine connections leads to remarkable results. I am so excited to be working with Simon and looking forward to all the new partnerships we hope to make in this sector” 

About Wander.

Setting out to balance profit with purpose, Wander was founded in 2019 by Ricky Wilkes and effectively operates as a quality headhunting service for significantly less cost by offering a refreshing product and process to broaden the scope of companies that can afford to use one. With a background of over 20 years in recruitment, technology and sales Ricky believes there is a better way of doing things and in the power of bringing together the values of an individual with those of a brand to truly explore what’s possible. Ricky can be contacted on ricky@wearewander.co.uk 

About SMPL Consulting.

SMPL Consulting was founded by former KaFe Rocks CEO Simon Pilkington to offer key services to the B2B and B2C sides of the iGaming industry including strategic business growth, affiliate strategy, commercial management, and people / culture development. With 15+ years industry experience spanning executive leadership, affiliation, marketing, product, content, operations and commercial areas, SMPL are exquisitely placed to assist your business needs. Simon can be contacted at simon@smpl.consulting.