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RADA Business has announced its new flagship leadership programme, The Leading Role, and its relaunch in early 2022.

Building on the work of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art – a global leader in its field with graduates including Anthony Hopkins and Phoebe Waller-Bridge – RADA Business is a performance partner that delivers world-class business transformation programmes and coaching for organisations and individuals. 

Designed for experienced leaders who want to flex their leadership style and increase their influence within an organisation, The Leading Role builds gravitas and leadership presence, whilst equipping professionals with the ability to handle the varying challenges they will face as a leader with authenticity and confidence. 

The programme allows attendees to explore the importance of skilful use of the voice and body language to make fundamental shifts in their own personal impact, how they see themselves, and how they approach others. The programme also encourages attendees to consider how to manage their status in high stakes and challenging scenarios to elicit powerful outcomes.

Through blending in-person group learning and one-to-one coaching, The Leading Role is an intensive course that allows leaders to explore, experiment, and be guided through proven leadership models. 

By providing the opportunity to apply the teachings to simulated real life scenarios, played out by actors and role players, the programme allows attendees to gain practical experience in learning to adapt and flex, quickly and effectively, within their leadership style. The rigorous application of leadership theory incorporated within this programme also encourages leaders to understand the importance of, and build, their resilience within this role in order to affect change and growth within their team or organisation. 

Not only do attendees learn from their own development and benefit from the expertise of RADA Business’s tutors, but The Leading Role also allows leaders to work with peers across different sectors and industries, which facilitates insightful discussions, connections and learnings.

The Leading Role consists of three days at RADA Studios in Central London, with a maximum participant/tutor ratio of ten to two, to ensure a high level of individual attention and coaching. In addition to the in-person days, participants receive a series of one-to-one coaching sessions, allowing leaders to explore their individual development areas with specifically matched tutors, after the group learning takes place. 

Kath Burlinson, RADA Business Tutor, comments: “The combination of detailed personal attention from two tutors with a small group of participants, who are leaders in their own right, offers a rare opportunity for new learning, powerful self-reflection and embodied explorations. These learnings lead to transformative insights and real long-lasting change.

“I'm thrilled to be working on The Leading Role in 2022 – to be together for three full days, working intensely with a group of truly interesting people and bringing my own passion for working with the body, breath and voice to those who want to make change happen in the world – what could be better? My challenge is to be the very best I can be in delivering the programme and I really look forward to diving in!”

About RADA Business

RADA Business helps people at work become brilliant communicators. We build on the work of one of the world’s most respected drama schools to deliver world-class training programmes and coaching for organisations and individuals.

Everything we do is grounded in an understanding of business - and the varied needs of people within organisations. Whether you’re leading a company, managing teams or taking the first steps in your career, we can help you deliver your very best performance.

Since 2001 we’ve worked with some of the world’s best-known employers in more than 30 countries, including law firms, retailers, media companies, universities and governments.

We’re convinced that organisations work most effectively when everyone has a voice - and we’re committed to giving people the skills to get themselves heard.

All our profits support the activities of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, helping to develop the next generation of actors and technicians.