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Problem Gambling Group requests for inclusions in the Minnesota Sports Betting Bill

(KNSI) — A bill to allow sports betting is moving through committee at the Capitol, and unlike previous bills, this one includes more help to address problem gambling, but one group is asking for additional measures.

The bill’s sponsor says Minnesota’s tribal nations would be granted licenses to create sports books at casinos, and people over 21 would be allowed to place bets through apps such as FanDuel and DraftKings on their phones. Revenue would be used for regulations and consumer protections; another 40% would go toward problem gambling. Susan Sheridan Tucker with the Minnesota Alliance on Problem Gambling says that language is appreciated but asked if it could also include information sharing to help with research. “Operators and their licensees will be collecting quite a bit of data that can help answer many questions that researchers have concerning gambling behaviors and can provide insights into whether more individuals are becoming addicted to gambling.”

The alliance is neutral on the issue of sports betting.

Tucker stresses sensitive personal information wouldn’t be shared, and at least two other states have provisions in their bills for it. The Minnesota Indian Gaming Association says it needs more information before commenting on that recommendation.

As for sharing aggregated data, the bill’s sponsor expressed a willingness to have more discussions about it.

The current version excludes horse tracks, potentially complicating the final passage in the Legislature.


Source:  KNSI  Radio MNC Reporter Mike Moen contributed to this story.


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