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OKTO taps Certus to expand digital payments in France and the Netherlands

OKTO powers digital payments for every entertainment, leisure, and gaming environment. Our unified payment platform combines secure, real-world transactions with the most powerful payment technology to create immersive payment experiences for both merchants and their users.

Since 2019, OKTO has been improving payment interactions for online and retail gaming and introducing frictionless digital payments with its local knowledge, sector expertise and international capabilities. This includes supporting customers across various regulatory landscapes with an embedded omnichannel approach.

The expanding business now employs over 100 payment experts, gaming insiders and software engineers, serving some of the most exciting international markets including Brazil, Romania, Italy, Greece, Germany, the UK, and Spain.

By enabling responsible real-time transactions, we remove the friction and risk associated with traditional payments and deliver digital transformation opportunities for our customers and millions of consumers around the world.

About Certus Technologies

Certus brings the most advanced and innovative solutions helping operators better understand and engage patrons, and make informed decisions that ultimately drive revenues and create efficiencies.

Certus technologies has developed a modern casino management system based on the following principles:

  • A “cloud computing” service model
  • Transforming operational tools into marketing tools with a seamless integration or new regulation like GDPR, AML/CFT, Responsible gaming
  • Develop the customer experience using a new marketing approach based on real-time data streaming from various source (EGM, Entrance, External data) data and granular Analytics offering a better knowledge of player behavior,

Certus Technologies is present in Holland, USA and France.