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New standard of player protection at gaming venues

A team of Australian experts has set a new global standard to protect gaming organisations and venues, their customers, and their communities against gambling-related harm and money laundering.

Known as Senet Assure and Senet Assure Premium, the compliance accreditation launched today has been developed by Australia’s leading specialist gambling law, regulatory, and compliance advisory, Senet.

The announcement follows a warning this month by the NSW Crime Commission that the Australian economy could become a greater target for financial crime due to its successful management of Covid 19, and concerns that poker machines would be exploited as a money laundering option for criminals.

Senet regulatory and gambling specialist Paul Newson said the certification addresses the distinct challenges facing the industry in 2021.

“The certification will only be awarded to operators who can demonstrate the highest level of vigilance” Mr Newson said.

“Our team has developed this accreditation based on our deep knowledge of the complexities and challenges in 2021 facing gambling operators committed to responsible gambling outcomes and staying a step ahead of criminal activity.”

“The accreditation is a way for industry leaders to demonstrate they are meeting the highest standards of accountability and exceeding best practice in protecting their customers and their staff in cultivating a workplace culture of compliance and social responsibility.”

Mr Newson said that as well as safeguarding corporate reputation and minimising the risks of gambling harm and financial crime, achieving accreditation via the program developed by his team would demonstrate an organisation’s commitment to responsible gambling culture.

The Senet team has unmatched regulatory and legal expertise across the gambling sector including in respect of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulation.