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Nevada Governor considering more drastic measures to fight Coronavirus

In an interview with State of Nevada, Governor Steve Sisolak said he saw Monday on his way to work, kids playing in a playground and skateboarders using a skateboard park.

While casinos are shut down, non-essential businesses are also closed, schools are shuttered and people have been asked to stay home, Sisolak is concerned that people are not taking the order seriously.

"If they don’t do it for themselves, do it for parents or their grandparents or next-door neighbor. Some people are following this religiously, they really are," he said.

Gov. Steve Sisolak formally issued a “Stay at Home” order last week, one of the multiple steps his administration has been taking since declaring a state of emergency on March 12 in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The directive also extended the closure of nonessential businesses, gaming, and schools through April 30, 2020.

But he thinks there are too many people who aren't following the guidelines at all. So, he is considering stronger measures.

“If it doesn’t improve, we’re going to have to implement more drastic measures,” he said. “The only thing that the everyday person can do to help us here is to stay and home and limit the spread of this virus,” he said.

While the governor is concerned about job losses and economic harm, he said his main job now is "to save lives."

"These are really hard decisions. To think that I had to make a call to turn off the lights on Las Vegas Boulevard and put 200,000 people out of work, believe me, I spent a long time contemplating what I had to do… but we do what we think is in the best to save lives and protect all the Nevadans and that’s what we’re doing."