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Discovering your own playing behavior

The test allows someone to discover for themselves how responsibly he or she plays and what type of player someone is. The visitor is asked to maximize a fictitious starting capital of 2000 euros according to his or her own strategy, by playing 80 cards one-by-one divided into 4 sets in 3 minutes. Each card gives a profit or loss. Each deck hides a gradually to be experienced preference for risk. At the end of the game the participant receives a personal, scientifically based advice on responsible gaming. The test is anonymous. Data will not be stored. 

Erwin van Lambaart: "With the coming into force on April 1, 2021 of, among others, the amended Dutch Betting and Gaming Act and the Remote Betting Act, the government has taken an important step to modernize the 'gambling addiction prevention policy' in the Netherlands. In line with this, Holland Casino has also refreshed the information on its website about mindful gaming. The added self-test is a nice, innovative example of how we take our responsibility for conscious gaming behavior seriously."

Responsible, safe and fair gaming
Holland Casino is an entertainment facility where you are welcome from the age of 18. Our entire organization is designed to ensure responsible, safe and fair gaming and the special experience surrounding it. Responsible means avoiding wagering more or playing more often than your budget allows. Safe means a safe, controlled gaming environment where you feel comfortable. The game should be fair and reliable.