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Gambling Has Officially Entered the Metaverse

It has recently been announced that an innovative new idea is due to be launched in the metaverse. A blockchain system called CryptoCasinoClub wants to introduce people to the first casino in The Sandbox metaverse. First of all,

The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based decentralized metaverse that allows its users to create and monetize their gaming experiences through NFTs. What CryptoCasinoClub’s initiative is going to add to that is the option to generate extra revenue on the platform.

To achieve that, the team behind the NFT-based initiative has created a collection of 7,777 casino machines, which are up for grabs on the Ethereum blockchain. Fans of the metaverse and NFT holders alike have the opportunity to own the machines and be part of the first virtual casino in the metaverse, while also benefiting from passive earnings. The doors have been opened, and players from all over have been discussing its potential.

What does it imply?

Each one of the NFTs developed by the CryptoCasinoClub team is a one-of-a-kind, bespoke piece, with utilities that have not been seen before and will only be introduced to the public now. Regarding the project’s potential for the future, its structure looks promising. The team behind is highly skilled in fulfilling the NFT holders’ expectations and they are not planning to go anywhere after this project takes off. There have even been talks about integrating the same idea into future metaverses.

The biggest advantage for players who want to join the initiative is the potential for extra revenue generated by the casino, as mentioned above. On top of that, those that manage to hit a winning combination on the slots have the option to either take home the prize or exchange it for its worth in ETH. CryptoCasinoClub holders can also participate in weekly raffles for extra prizes.

From a different perspective, however, online casinos have grown tremendously over the last few years. Many companies are trying to tap into this profitable market and ideas such as the one discussed above have the potential to become highly successful. According to the American Gaming Association, Americans gambled in 2021 like never before, generating a record $53 billion in revenue.

Image: shutterstock Licence No.2070595583 

What are the issues?

The main issue with this initiative is that crypto usage, particularly in a casino environment, is still a controversial topic. Besides it not being legal in most countries, there is the anonymity issue as well. The fact that these transitions are anonymous makes gambling less secure and fraud can happen a lot more often. Volatility is yet another problem, since the value of crypto can fluctuate like a roller coaster.

This is reflective of the general opinion that fiat currency is more trustworthy and stable than cryptocurrency because it is backed by a government. This in return offers greater flexibility and stability of its value. This is why people usually prefer to gamble at the best real money online casinos, where they are safe and secure. These casinos are perfectly legal and there is a huge variety that ensures players of all kinds are happy with their choices. They also benefit from regular promotions and bonuses to keep them interested.

The news has caused quite a buzz amongst the users of the metaverse and it is indeed a unique idea that could potentially lead to more innovative projects. As it stands now, it is proof of how far Web 3.0 has come and how far sophisticated technologies could go. Although, there just isn't the same trust in crypto as there is in fiat currency. So, while the gaming experience has been upgraded, it remains somewhat unclear how this will affect NFT stakeholders.