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G2E Las Vegas: NOVOMATIC Americas presents indelible products – driving player entertainment and delivering operator value

Chicago/Gumpoldskirchen, October 3rd, 2022 – At this year’s G2E, NOVOMATIC Americas will stage fresh and exciting gaming highlights as well as new premium hardware and winning solutions: Products range from slot machines for Class III and VLT/VGT markets to electronic table games, sports betting kiosks, management systems, promotional systems, and ancillary services.

“What are we looking to accomplish at G2E 2022?” asks Rick Meitzler, President and CEO of NOVOMATIC Americas. “We are looking to continue to increase our product performance in every product category. We want to demonstrate that we listen to our customers and we have maintained our good performance and grown our gaming footprint in progressives, commodity games, systems, and sports betting. We are striving to maximize our customers’ ROI across all product categories.”

The biggest new for NOVOMATIC Americas is the launch ofan exciting new upright cabinet for the U.S. Market in two options. The DIAMOND X™ 1.55J and DIAMOND X™ 2.32 are set to introduce an exceptional, sleek style and crisp game presentation to the casino floor. Captivating design, incorporating a black metro finish contrasted by a dynamic LED lighting concept that creates a visually enclosed framework for the crisp presentation of game content. All that meets ergonomic exterior design, comprising all the best angles plus ample foot space. The DIAMOND X™ cabinets are an exceptional accomplishment in cabinet design, presented by NOVOMATIC Americas for brilliant performance and complementing the successful portfolio of games.
The main monitor features are a choice between one expansive, 55” full HD J-curved game screen, or two large 32” full HD game screens. Both with PCAP touch on the bottom screen plus high progressive visibility on the gaming floor. These new platforms are exceptionally elegant, ready for all demands of a winning gaming floor with premium components and full compatibility with standard protocols.
Image: Rick Meitzler, President and CEO of NOVOMATIC Americas
More progress! Get ready for the new THUNDER CASH X™ Link Candelas De Los Muertos series with Señorita Suerte and Señor Muerte that will have you basking in riches. Enthralling and hypnotic, this new group of games give players graphically beautiful themes and exciting play variations providing a level-up experience on popular THUNDER CASH X™ linked products. Voodoo Magic™ is still supplying operators a mystical new way to play and the new Coin Fishing™, Eye of the Queen™ Magic Coins and Charming Lady’s Boom™ on THUNDER CASH™ are great additions to the brand. These new progressives give operators an exciting way to extend the brand and create visually interesting derivatives of the THUNDER CASH™ Link.
The original MONEY PARTY™ Link, with Fruity Fruity and Juicy Juicy titles, has proven to be a sweet success for NOVOMATIC Americas. The classic fruit games with a new twist are a player favorite. Winner of the Eilers Emerging Supplier Category in 2022, MONEY PARTY™ Link makes a splash on every gaming floor. With sweet new themes like Sizzling Hot™ and Roaring Forties™ as two juicy new additions to the party, MONEY PARTY™ Link creates yummy hot new versions of classic fruit style games. MONEY PARTY™ Yummy Yummy and Ultra Hot™ offer players even more fruit game fun. Additional Progressive families such as ULTRA BOOST further highlight the progressive focus of NOVOMATIC Americas. This year the NOVOMATIC Americas products are sure to appeal to maximum range of players and keep them coming back for more.
Rick Meitzler explains: “The more strong titles like the expansion of the MONEY PARTY™ Link brands and Voodoo Magic™ on the THUNDER CASH™ Link we put out this year, the more penetration we got. We already had good traction going into 2022, so the delivery of 16 distinct games this year just enhanced those numbers. Right now, we are experiencing good performance on our ULTRA BOOST Link™, which is another strong performer for us. The key is to keep creating the products that our customers are asking for, and we are doing that.”
A trailblazer in sports betting self-service kiosks, NOVOMATIC Americas is the undisputed leader in kiosk hardware with its ever-growing portfolio of 1,200+ units in North America. The NOVOMATIC ActionBook™ Compact table-top version fits snug in every bar and counter while the NOVOMATIC ActionBook™ Plus multi-screen version fits nicely in so many environments. Both offer quick response times with a user-friendly, touch monitor experience and will be shown with all of the latest enhancements.
Stop by NOVOMATIC Americas booth #1259 at the G2E expo – October 10th-13th in Las Vegas – to get a taste of what players are talking about.