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Corona, E-Sport and Trump: These are the bookmakers' favourites in times of low sports activity


London, 8th April 2020 - In the current sports-poor times, the various betting providers have to dig deep into their bag of tricks in order to be able to present their customers with a sufficient range of offers. The information platform Ninja-Bet.de, as a matched betting expert, has therefore taken a closer look at the bookmakers and presents the most curious bets. In addition to the betting of the corona physicians, the focus is therefore shifting primarily to virtual sports fields.

The favourites for the Nobel Peace Prize
There are still a few months to go until the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded on 9 October 2020, but according to the betting providers there is a new favourite: According to the bookmakers, with an average odds of 3.0, the highest chances of winning are seen with a corona physician who has not yet been determined. However, Greta Thunberg is just behind with an average of 3.125. For comparison: US President Donald Trump, on the other hand, is given an average of 19.3 - Vladimir Putin 31.7. The higher the chances of winning an event are estimated, the lower the odds of the providers with whom the profit is calculated.

US election campaign: Trump vs. Biden
The bookmakers for Trump paint a completely different picture with regard to the upcoming presidential elections: Compared to his direct rival in the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, the incumbent US president is currently the favorite. While a Trump victory is at an average odds of 1.85, Biden currently receives a rating of 2.1.

Forecasts for DSDS, Let's Dance and Big Brother
Within the German-language TV offers around Germany is looking for the superstar (DSDS) and Let's Dance, the betting providers also predict clear winners: According to this, R. Kaselowsky will prevail against his competitors with a 1.33 odds. In Let's Dance it will be the dancer Lili Paul-Roncalli with a 2.2, while the reality show Big Brother is expected to see a neck-and-neck race between the participants Pat and Denny, with a chance of winning 3.0 each.

Betting providers put e-sports on their agenda
In the course of the analysis, Ninja-Bet.de also compared which bookmakers are currently focusing on e-sports as an alternative to other sports. Most recently, the German national team, among others, had discovered the industry as an alternative program for itself in a so-called "eFriendly" and the DFL with the "Bundesliga Home Challenge".

To this end, the information platform investigated where e-sports are currently listed as a separate category on the homepage and whether this was also the case before the outbreak of the crisis. The comparison of eight leading providers such as tipico or bet-at-home is clear: All of them now praise e-sports as a favoured option on their own homepage - this was not the case with any of the providers compared before.

Claudio Abitante, CEO of Ninja-Bet.de, comments
"The betting industry must adapt its offer at present substantial and arrange themselves again. Special events as well as the e-sports business are thus moving more into focus. For our matched betting players, however, this makes little difference. With this strategy, they can safely earn money online at any time. It doesn't matter whether they play on the grass or on the console".

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